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Tyga on Pop Smoke, Kanye West and his food delivery service

He’s a Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist known for hits including Taste and Juicy, and now, Tyga is breaking into the food delivery market with his new ‘virtual dining’ project Tyga Bites.

The 30-year-old rapper – who famously dated Kylie Jenner on and off from 2014 to 2017 – spoke exclusively to about the business venture (available via GrubHub), working with the late Pop Smoke, and his hopes to one day collaborate with pal Kanye West.

Aside from his new meal service, Tyga recently appeared on late rapper Pop Smoke’s album Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon, released after Smoke – real name Bashar Barakah Jackson – died aged 20 in a fatal shooting in February.

Tyga – real name Micheal Ray Stevenson – talked about the experience and ‘honoring his legacy’ saying: ‘We did a record, like, a week before he passed away… which is crazy because we were about to shoot the video and everything.’

‘Then everything happened and it was just really weird. But I’m glad I was still able to be a part of the project and his album,’ he said, adding that he feels Smoke ‘really is a legend in the making.’

When asked about his friendship with Kanye West and whether he’s supporting him through his difficult situation, the rapper responds: ‘Yeah! We support Kanye!’ and hints that he’s hopeful the pair will collaborate one day.

‘Yeah I would definitely collaborate with [Kanye] he’s one of my favorite artists of all time,’ Tyga adds.

Tyga won’t be following Kanye’s foray into politics anytime soon, though, as he insists he’s sticking to music for now.

‘I am just going with the flow right now. Music is my passion. I never thought I’d get into the food space or the restaurant space, but it kinda makes sense. It’s something I can enjoy too.’

However, the rapper admits that he’s not much of a cook himself, confessing: ‘Personally, I don’t really cook, you know what I’m saying? I don’t cook unless I’d have to go into survival mode. But I really don’t. It’s not my thing to be in the kitchen.’ 

In a video commercial released Wednesday, Tyga unveiled his new virtual dining concept – conceived with renowned restaurateur Robert Earl and his son Robbie – that specializes in his favorite food, crispy chicken bites, that can be delivered to your door via GrubHub.

‘I wanted to do something that would really relate to me and not just put my name on something,’ Tyga explains. ‘I eat like a gremlin, late-night in the studio, but I try when I can to be healthy and these are oven-baked and not fried. So they’re not heavy or greasy.’

The online menu offers chicken bites in three different spice dusts including Black Garlic, Lemon Black Pepper, and Peri-Peri, and Tyga says it’s the perfect service for large groups.

‘I envision it like, if I’m in the studio, or if I’m doing a photoshoot, I can order it direct from my phone and it’s right there,’ he says, adding that he tried to get them in his latest music video, but before the cameras started rolling his crew had eaten them all.

The bites will also be served with the option of twelve different dips, along with regular or sweet potato Tyga Tots, chocolate chip cookies and beverages.  

Robert Earl, Founder of Virtual Dining Concepts said the rapper has been ‘an inspiration to collaborate with’ while his son Robbie Earl elaborated that the service can be franchised by any restaurant.

Robbie explains: ‘We are offering restaurateurs the opportunity to operate a second brand within their existing brick and mortar location, increasing their bottom line by also becoming a virtual kitchen owner.’

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