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Two teens, 17, arrested over alleged street-racing death on Independence Day in California

Two teenage street-racers who allegedly struck and killed a college professor on Independence Day have been arrested.


Gabriel Crispo, 49, was believed to have been out jogging with his girlfriend and dog, when he was killed in San Marino, California.

He was hit at around 10.35am, on Huntington Drive near Kenilworth Avenue, Detective Vince Wilson told NBC Los Angeles.

Two vehicles were traveling at a ‘high rate of speed’ and ‘appeared to be racing’ when they collided, causing one to lose control, Wilson said. 

Crispo, who taught English as a second language at Pasadena City College, was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Two 17-years-old allegedly involved in the street race, have since been taken into custody on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter according to San Marino Police Department

The death was both ‘preventable’ and ‘avoidable’ Mayor Steven Huang said on Friday. 

‘This was not an accident but the result of two juveniles entering our city, racing each other resulting in the death of an innocent man,’ he told City News Service.

‘This is a day where we normally celebrate the birth of our nation, a day we celebrate with family, friends and our community. 

‘But instead three families now mourn the loss of an innocent man and the changed lives of two juveniles who now must live with this tragedy for the rest of their lives.’

The police department are planning additional traffic enforcement to ‘focus on speeding and unsafe driving,’ Huang added.

They will additionally begin a ‘traffic education program’ for residents and young drivers within local schools because of the fatality. 

Working with the City Manager, Marcella Marlowe, and the city’s Public Safety Commission, they will plan further regulations.

Huang told NBC, that Marlowe will direct city departments, to develop a strategy, that will ‘ensure this type of incident will not reoccur in San Marino.’ 

Anyone with information should call Wilson at 626-300-0728 or Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS (8477). 



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