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Twitter users question timing of Amazon Prime remake Utopia which explores new man-made flu

Social media users have called for a remake of British show Utopia to be scrapped in light of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Amazon Prime set are set to release the US-made series, about a comic book which has predicted several disastrous epidemics and features a man-made virus designed to reduce the population of the earth, in September. 

Many Twitter users pointed out the show’s poor timing, with one calling the programme ‘the last thing we need right now’, while another predicted the series will make viewers ‘lose their minds’.

The tweets were shared after Amazon Prime shared a trailer for the series.  

The show is inspired by a British series of the same, name released on Channel 4 in 2013, and the upcoming programme has been adapted by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn. 

The original version of the show concerns a small group of geeks from an online comic forum, who stumble upon the second installment of graphic novel The Utopia Experiments.

Within it’s artwork are said to be predictions of the worst events in world history, such as the BSE outbreak – and sinister organisation The Network is prepared to kill to track it down.

Also drawn into the plot is a civil servant coerced into buying huge stocks of Russian flu vaccine, which coincidentally then triggers an outbreak in the UK.

The vaccine for this flu contains a serum which will sterilise 90-95% of the human population, in order to prevent the destruction of the Earth’s environment and the descent of humanity into wars over food shortages. 

The new trailer follows a similar plot line, starting with a group of geeks meeting at a comic book convention, and a graphic novel about a ‘genius scientist who made horrible virus”. 

The new series features a comic book which predicted diseases such as Ebola and Mers, and a scientist asking ‘what have you done to deserve your place in this crowded world’. 

The show will explore ‘Virus’, biological warfare, man made disease’ and a new flu which has been declared a national pandemic. 

Viewers were quick to share their views, with many saying the show is ‘the last thing we need right now’ and insisting the series ‘should have been scrapped’. 

‘This should have been scrapped, wrote one, ‘I love Flynn, but this sh*t is going to cause people to lose their f*****g minds even more than they have.’ 

‘Agree this doesn’t seem like the best timing’, agreed another.

‘This is the last thing we need right now’, said a third. 

Another said: ‘Now is REALLY not the time for this.’ 

According to the official synopsis, the group ‘unearth hidden meanings cloaked within the pages of ‘Utopia,’ predicting threats to humanity. 

‘They realise these are not just the makings of a conspiracy; they are very real dangers coming alive right now in their world. 

‘The group embarks on a high-stakes adventure, bringing them face-to-face with the comic’s famed central character, Jessica Hyde… who joins them on their mission to save the world while harbouring secrets of her own.’ 

The series will star  American Honey actress Sasha Lane as Jessica Hyde, Rainn Wilson as Michael Stearns, a leading expert on a deadly flu and John Cusack as Dr Kevin Christie, a rich bio-technician.   

The original series faced it’s own controversies following it’s release, with 44 Ofcom about the show, including complaints about violence, offensive language and child actors being involved in scenes of adult content.

Thirty-seven of the complaints related to a scene at the beginning of the third episode, in which a shooting takes place in a school.  

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