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Trump ‘shrugged’ at Melania leaving him over infidelity, book says

Donald Trump once shrugged at the prospect of Melania leaving him over his alleged infidelity, used Ivanka to charm men during business deals, criticized Tiffany’s looks and thought Don Jr. ‘had the worst f***ing judgement’, according to Michael Cohen’s new book.

The President’s former personal lawyer’s new book Disloyal contains details of Cohen acting as Trump’s fixer and dealing with numerous claims of infidelity against Trump.

Cohen claims Trump wasn’t bothered about Melania’s reaction to his alleged cheating and acted as though his third marriage was ‘just another deal’.

Trump allegedly told Cohen: ‘I can always get another wife. That’s no problem for me, if she wants to go, so be it’.

Other details in the book claim that Trump boasted about using Ivanka as a honey trap to distract businessmen because they ‘can’t think straight when they’re around her’.

He also raged at Don Jr. and threw him out of his office for resurfaced big-game hunting photos and gossiped about Tiffany’s looks with Ivanka.

Cohen worked as Trump’s fixer for more than a decade, once saying he would ‘take a bullet’ for his boss.

But they fell out after Cohen was arrested by the FBI for paying porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in hush money weeks before the 2016 election. 

Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for campaign finance violations and other crimes but was released a year into his sentence this summer and put on house arrest due to the coronavirus.

In ‘Disloyal: A Memoir: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump’, Cohen writes that in 2007, makeup artist Jill Harth’s ex-husband approached the National Enquirer claiming that she was harassed and sexually assaulted by Trump in 1993. 

Cohen got Jill to sign a statement saying the claims were false and made the story go away, but it would re-emerge during Trump’s Presidential run.

Cohen was tasked with going to Melania and explaining how Harth and Trump were denying the claims, but he knew he was on shaky ground.

Recounting the conversation, he writes they ‘performed a game of kabuki theater’.

The book says: ‘Each of us was aware of the deception but following an unwritten rule that we wouldn’t acknowledge that reality.

‘All the while I could tell she knew I was lying. But she knew. She knew everything, but she didn’t do what most wives would do and insist on the whole story’.

In 2011 the Stormy Daniels allegations first came on Trump’s radar and Cohen was tasked with making it go away.

He recounts a conversation with Trump when the future President said: ‘I’m sure Melania isn’t going to take this well.

‘Don’t forget I’m married to an Eastern European woman. They don’t play around when it comes to this kind of stuff’.

Once they had silenced Daniels, Trump looked at a picture of her and bemoaned the fact that the producers of The Apprentice, which he was hosting at the time, wouldn’t invite her on as a guest.

Trump said: ‘Man, she would have been great for ratings. And great for me’.

Cohen countered: ‘Not if Melania found out’.

Cohen writes that he knew Trump would ‘corner pretty women in his office and forcibly kiss them as they recoiled’.

He writes that Trump would ‘grab women by the cheeks and pull them towards him and kiss them plum on their lips’.

As Cohen writes: ‘His attitudes came from a different era, more like the Rat Pack of the 1950s and he never took seriously the need to respect women.

‘If he ever got caught cheating and Melania threatened to leave him he wouldn’t be upset or hurt at the loss, and I suspect she knew it. The relationship was just another deal, plain and simple.

‘I can always get another wife’, Trump told me. ‘That’s no problem for me, if she wants to go, so be it’.

The Daniels affair exploded into public when reports explained Cohen’s role in the payments to her.

Cohen writes that he got a phone call from Trump and Melania was put on the line.

He writes: ‘Melania didn’t sound pleased to be on the phone. I knew Mrs Trump well and I could tell instantly from the tone of voice that she had been compelled to participate in the call.

‘As I droned on about the Daniels affair, I was interrupted by the First Lady. ‘I know all of this’, she said curtly. I stopped talking, shaking my head.

‘It was evident to me she didn’t’ believe the story or want anything further to do with the transparent lies the President was childishly attempting to tell her via me. As usual with the Trumps when this kind of subject came up the First Lady changed the subject’.

After hanging up a friend who was next to Cohen the whole time asked if he thought Melania believed him. Cohen said: ‘Not a chance’.

Disloyal features eye-popping anecdotes about Trump’s anger towards Don Jr, dating back to the mid 2000s when he oversaw their failed venture into the mortgage market, Trump Mortgage LLC.

Trump was outraged that Don Jr had been fooled into putting E.J. Ridings in charge of the project because he had cast himself as a highly qualified mortgage broker.

In fact he’d only worked three months at Morgan Stanley, the investment bank and had only worked six days as an actual broker.

Trump fumed that ‘Don Jr. has the worst f****** judgement of anyone I have ever met’.

Trump ‘didn’t want to share his name with a ‘loser’ if that’s what his son turned out to be’, Cohen writes, noting that Don Jr was written off as ‘gullible’.

On a flight to Green Bay, Wisconsin in 2009 for Trump to film an appearance on WWE Raw, Don Jr. asked his dad: ‘Are you nervous?’

Trump went ballistic and said: ‘What kind of a stupid f****** question is that? Godd**n it. What a stupid thing to say – to put that thought in my head’.

Don Jr. loved going hunting and loved being in Montana where he could be far away from his father.

He even hated real estate but eventually Trump gave him an ultimatum: work for the family business or be ‘cut off entirely’, Cohen writes.

After the tirade on the flight Cohen asked Don Jr if he was okay and he said of his father: ‘We have a tortuous relationship. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last’.

Another flare up happened during the Presidential campaign when photos resurfaced of Don Jr. shooting an elephant and boasting of enjoying hunting.

The headlines were brutal and Trump was furious.

He screamed at his son: ‘What the f*** is wrong with you? You think you’re a big man with a $10,000 gun sitting on the rocks and then boom!

‘You kill some f****** animal? Why the f*** would you post photos like that? You think you’re a f****** big man? Get the f*** out of my office’.

Trump used other members of his family to help his real estate business, especially his daughter Ivanka.

Cohen writes that when Trump wanted somebody to bend to his will he would ‘often have me send Ivanka to take the meeting with a married man who the boss figured would be susceptible to her charms’.

Trump said of this tactic: ‘They can’t think straight when they’re around her’, unbothered by the fact they were twice her age.

‘They can’t keep their eyes off her’, Trump would say.

But these tactics turned Trump’s children against each other and Trump’s daughter Tiffany was called the ‘red-haired stepchild’ by his other children.

One time Tiffany wanted Trump to call Anna Wintour to ask for an internship at Vogue, the magazine she edited.

Cohen writes that Trump said to Ivanka: ‘I don’t think Tiffany has the look. She just doesn’t have what you have, honey’.

Ivanka replied: ‘I agree, daddy. She just doesn’t have the look is the right way to say it, daddy’.

Trump’s eldest children were united, however, on the effect of his election campaign kick off speech where he called Mexicans ‘rapists’.

His children were ‘mortified and horrified’ and Cohen notes that ‘racist, reactionary, anti-Hispanic weren’t exactly the terms that Ivanka Trump wanted associated with her clothing line’.

Cohen writes: ‘Finally, in desperation, the three older kids came to my office to ask me to talk to the boss and convince him to drop out of the campaign before it totally destroyed the family’s reputation, name and brand. Their social position and legacy were being flushed down the drain, they knew, but there was nothing they could do to stop their father.

‘Ivanka said: ‘’MC, you’ve got to get dad to stop the campaign. It’s killing the company’’.

‘Don Jr. said: ‘‘If he keeps this up you’ll be named CEO of the Rump Organization. We’re losing millions’’.

Cohen said: ‘This is your dad’s company. No one can change his mind on anything. I certainly don’t like his position on Hispanics but what can be done?’

But when Cohen spoke to Trump about the concerns of his children, he said: ‘I don’t care. Let them cancel the events. This is more important than all the events’.

Among the other claims in the book is that despite courting evangelicals, Trump was pro-abortion.

Cohen claims Trump told him ‘Planned Parenthood was the way poor people paid for contraception’.

Commenting on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi-American Washington Post journalist who was dismembered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in 2018, Trump offered little sympathy. 

He said: ‘What the f*** do I care? He shouldn’t have written what he did. He should have shut the f*** up’.

Cohen also writes about Trump’s deep hatred of Barack Obama, which festered long before Trump decided to run for president.

According to Cohen, Obama’s election victory of 2008 was a ‘cataclysm’ for Trump.

He writes there are ‘no words to describe Trump’s hatred and contempt for Barack Hussein Obama – always all three names and always with a disdainful emphasis on the middle’.

The book says: ‘Trump didn’t despise Obama. It was much, much stronger than that. I figured that Obama was the only person on the planet whom Trump actually envied – truly, madly, deeply….it drove Trump out of his mind’.

After Obama gave his address at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, in the same place as John F Kennedy in the 1960s, Trump went from ‘incandescent to sputtering, spittle flecked fury as he watched Obama talk about freedom and ridding the world of nuclear weapons and turning back the rising seas by fighting global warming’.

Cohen said: ‘You’ve got to admit he’s a great orator’.

Trump yelled back: ‘F*** him’.

Cohen said: ‘He’s obviously very smart’.

Trump, who had run a campaign questioning whether Obama was born in the US, screamed back: ‘He’s a f****** phony.

‘He’s a Manchurian candidate. He’s not even f****** American. F*** him’.

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