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Trump says Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence called him, told him ‘we want to play football’

President Trump revealed Saturday that he spoke with Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence who wants the college football season to start this fall despite concerns about student safety during the pandemic.  

During a press conference held at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, Trump said that Lawrence called him and they spoke ‘a couple of times.’

‘I want college football to come back,’ Trump told reporters. ‘These are strong, healthy, incredible people. These are people that want to play football very badly.’

Trump added that ‘a great, great talented quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, called me two days ago, I spoke to him a couple of times. He said, “Sir, I want to just tell you we want it back, we want to play.”‘

The president then went on to praise Lawrence, saying that ‘he’s an incredible quarterback from an incredible school, Clemson. He’s going to have a very good future in the NFL. He’s got everything – he’s got height, accuracy, a strong arm and he’s fast. 

‘Other than that he’s got some problems,’ Trump added as a joke.  

Trump then said that Lawrence told him that he felt safer on the field than he felt outside of the field. 

Trump’s call with Lawrence appears to have occurred as news broke that the Big Ten, Pac-12, Mid-American, Mid-Eastern, Mountain West and Ivy League conferences have all made the decision to postpone their football seasons until the spring, if the pandemic seems to be under control enough by them. 

The teams in these conferences represent about half of college football’s teams.  

The Big 12, SEC and ACC – which Clemson plays in – are both still planning to play football this fall when classes start up again.    

Lawrence has been an active supporter of the #WeWantToPlay movement on social media. 

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