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Toronto men start ‘Brokini’ company with funny swimsuits

Two ‘bros’ from Toronto have launched what they hope will be the next hottest trend in swimwear for men: Brokinis.

Chad Sasko and Taylor Field are behind the questionable beachwear, a ‘bikini for men’ that will ‘show off your package in style’ and ‘disappoint your parents.’

The swimsuit — essentially swim briefs with a single long shoulder strap that cuts across the torso — may seem like a joke product à la Borat, but Sasko and Field insist it’s totally real and available to buy online.

The Brokini currently comes in two prints: Bromingo (a pink flamingo pattern) and Fineapple (blue with yellow pineapples).

They retail for $45 each with a current sale price of $40. 

‘The perfect swimwear to make your parents question where they went wrong,’ reads the description. ‘Premium materials and stitching. Shoulder sling draws attention to your dong. Makes even small weenies look schmedium.’

Nearly all of the marketing for the product, including the Instagram page, is tongue-in-cheek, though the co-founders insist they’ve actually made sales.

In a FAQ section, they wrote that each Brokini will ‘hopefully not [last] very long [because] we want you to buy more. We might have $%#%text#8217;ed up and used high quality materials though. 

If a Brokini doesn’t fit, they say it’s ‘probably because you are too well endowed. We suggest you find a less fortunate friend and gift them the Brokini.’

Sasko told BlogTO that they came up with the idea while dreaming up crazy outfits for bachelor parties.  

‘We started going to bachelor parties and wearing crazy bathing suits and then we actually saw a wrestling leotard online and thought, “Hey, that could maybe be a bathing suit,”‘ he said.

‘They were pretty awesome but they were actually see-through. We wanted to make something you could actually swim in so we started reaching out to manufacturers and found one.’ 

They decided to actually make a run of 250 suits, spending $5,000 on production. For now, they’re only available online, but they’d like to see them in stores, too.

‘We wanted to come up with a bathing suit that’s fun for goofing around on the beach, cottage weekends, bachelor parties, and festivals,’ Sasko said. 

‘It’s not the ideal summer to be launching given COVID, but Brokinis might be a great way to keep people six feet away from you,’ he added. 

On July 19, they celebrated what appeared to be their first actual sale, but they also have testimonials on their website.

One reads: ‘2 out of 2 moms polled said our website is: “it looks great honey.”’ 

‘We hope to one day grow Brokinis enough to cover our MASSIVE cryptocurrency losses and hire a golden retriever as a receptionist, but we have no idea how to run a business so that seems pretty unlikely at this point,’ their ‘About’ page reads.  

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