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Toronto creek runs red after company accidentally spills 400L of ink

The water of a Toronto creek turned red on Tuesday after a company accidentally spilled 400 liters of red ink, officials said. 

Peel Public Works told that the ink came from a company in North Mississauga after an accident happened at the facility, causing the ink to pour into the Etobicoke Creek, which flows into Lake Ontario. 

An employee was operating a forklift when the arms went through two drums of printing ink. The ink then spilled into a catch basin leading to the creek. 

The Ministry of the Environment and Conservation and Parks are on site and clean up is underway. 

‘The creek was checked and there were no dead fish or other wildlife seen by either Peel staff, Ministry of Environment or Conservation and Parks staff,’ Peel Public Works said. 

Officials did not reveal the name of the company responsible, but the facility is located on Drew Road.   

No charges will be brought against the company since it was an accident.

They company will be responsible for clean up costs, which have not yet been determined. 

The spill spanned roughly nine miles and some reported seeing the blood-river at Dixie and Brittania roads. 

The creek straddles several municipalities west of Pearson International Airport

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, some social media users quipped that the red creek signal the apocalypse.   

‘That’s biblical,’ one user commented.

‘Don’t forget the swarm of locusts,’ another tweeted.   

A third person wrote: ‘Etobicoke Creek is blood red but nothing is capable of surprising me anymore.’

Others called for stricter environmental regulations and questioned if wildlife was at risk. 

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