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Three men are caught on camera trashing NYC Bagel Shop because they were furious it was closed

This is the moment three vandals caused $13,000 worth of damage to a New York bagel shop after they were apparently angered to find it wasn’t open.

Footage released by police shows the suspects smashing up The Brothers Deli & Bagel in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn at around 5.30pm on Friday after workers had packed up and were waiting for their deliver man to bring the bikes inside.

The video shared Tuesday shows the would-be customers knocking drinks off a shelf, flipping over snacks, and turning tables after seemingly realizing they were too late to buy food.

One of the men kicked the display counter inside the shop near 71st Street.

A worker at the Mexican family-run deli claims the suspects also broke a meat-slicing machine and threw an ATM on the floor.

‘That day we were ready to close actually, we were closed and I was waiting for my delivery guy to bring the bikes inside and these two guys came inside and [started] to break everything inside,’ Hedgar Morales, 35, who works at the deli with three of his brothers, told the New York Post.

Morales doesn’t appear in the clip as he went to the back to call police after they started causing damage. 

He said the men – who were wearing face masks – didn’t verbally argue.

‘They didn’t even say nothing to me. I just told them we’re closed and that’s it. After 30 seconds, a third guy came inside. That’s the one who broke the glass and [did] more things,’ Morales explained. 

‘That was in a minute. After that, they just left. They didn’t even run, they walked outside. That’s it.

‘The only question is why, we don’t know why. We don’t have problems with anybody. We live in the area also. So that’s my only question, why. It makes no sense.’

Now the deli is hoping locals will help them raise $10,000 as they’re not sure whether insurance will cover the damage.

They have vowed to stay open despite the unprovoked attack.

‘We’re going to keep doing this,’ he said. ‘This is a family store … We cannot stop. Maybe that’s what they wanted, but we can’t. My family can’t, my brother’s family depends on this, we depend on this.’

‘We came from Mexico,’ he said. ‘We want to do more things for my family, for my daughter.’

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