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Thousands of Trump supporters take part in boat parades after five vessels sank in Texas

Thousands of Donald Trump supporters took to the waters on Labor Day Monday for a Make America Great Again boat parade.

The devoted followers showed their support of the President after five boats sank and another capsized over the weekend during the celebrations.

In Florida, MAGA supporters congregated off the shore of President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago.

Donald Trump Jr joined in with the parade, according to reports, as the Sunshine State hosted events to herald the current Commander-in-Chief for a second term.

On Saturday, officials said that five boats sank during a Trump boat parade at Lake Travis, Texas, amid a flurry of distress calls. 

Lake Travis, a reservoir on the Colorado River, is known for its hazardous sailing conditions at times and has been the site of dozens of boating accidents over the years. No injuries or deaths were reported. 

As of Monday, three of the five boats have been towed from the lake.

And on Sunday, a nautical Trump parade in Wisconsin resulted in a boat capsizing amid five-foot waves.

Supporters gathered on the St. Croix River but the huge water traffic caused tricky conditions. 

Keith Smith, who lives on the river in River Falls, Wisconsin, told WCCO: ‘The river was flooded with boats. Big boats, small boats, all kinds of boats. 

‘The waves were probably four to five footers pounding my boat into the dock.’

The rope which had been holding his docked boat in place snapped, and he had to fight for an hour and a half to stop it from sinking.

One of his neighbours did lose their boat during the parade.

Mr Smith said: ‘There was so much wake from the boats that it actually lifted my dock up three or four feet, and the waves came underneath my floating dock. The waves overwhelmed the boat.’

He added that he was not angry with the parade but wished the boaters had helped him out when they saw him struggling.

Labor Day is traditionally a big weekend for boating in the US, and this year’s comes just two months before the highly polarized presidential election in November. 

During the parades, boaters waved Trump 2020 flags, MAGA signs and US flags in a patriotic show of support for the current President.

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