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The Hills: New Beginnings may be shot under one roof ‘bubble style’

Like many Hollywood productions, The Hills: New Beginnings is gearing up to resume filming season, but with some big changes in mind.

The executives and producers at MTV and Evolution Media are seriously considering moving cast members like Heidi and Spencer Pratt, Audrina Patridge and Brody Jenner under one roof to complete filming of season two, TMZ reported on Monday. 

This ‘bubble style’ of shooting would liken the show to more of Big Brother or Jersey Shore than what viewers are normally accustomed to on The Hills reboot. 

The show had already shot three episodes before production stopped in March. The show is on schedule to resume filming in October.

Moving the cast under into a house or complex for a month or two would help speed the shooting process along. 

Having the cast in such close quarters could be a good idea because it would force drama. 

With cast members Heidi and Spencer, Audrina and Whitney having children, it definitely may make things a bit difficult for shooting.   

While in quarantine the cast has been up to a myriad of things as revealed on their social media. 

Heidi and Spencer have been balancing date nights, parenthood and their business Pratt Daddy crystals, while Whitney has been spending time with her family and focusing on her podcast With Whit. 

Brody has opted to do a bit of traveling as he recently completed an 1800 mile journey going from Utah to Colorado to Idaho to Montana in six days. 

Producers reportedly have until October to make a decision which gives them about a month to sort things out.  

All the cast are expected to come back, with the exception of Mischa Barton who has a new movie Spree, out on demand. 

Regardless of what producers decide, the rebooted show never has a shortage of drama. 

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