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Texas fried chicken restaurant hosts ‘Karen Day’ where ‘all good Karens’ can get a free meal

A Texas restaurant has offered a free meal to anyone called Karen after the name got a bad rap because it is used to describe entitled white women who have been seen spitting on essential workers, throwing fits of rage in supermarkets over wearing face masks – and in one case, calling 911 on a black man who asked her to leash her dog.  

Chick’nCone – a fried chicken chain – says the idea behind the very targeted promotion was to ‘show sympathy to the good ‘Karens’ of the world’ by offering anyone with Karen as a legal name free food. 

The promotion also poked fun at the behavior of ‘bad Karens’ people and asked that eligible participants show ID before saying the phrase: ‘I want to speak to the manager.’  

Word spread far and wide to Karens across the Houston area leading to around 40 women with the name showing up to take advantage of the free meal, which consists of a waffle cone filled with fried chicken.

‘The event was well received and got a lot of attention,’ Karen De Amat told Fox News. 

At one point the manager of the chain, Terrance Foley, forgot about the Karen Day promotion and after two Karens asked to ‘speak with the manager’, he ended up asking what it is they wanted.   

There have been a number of notable ‘Karen’s’ in recent months, the most famous of which is probably Amy Cooper, 41, who was branded ‘Central Park Karen’ in May after she was filmed telling 911 she was being threatened by a black man when he asked her to put her dog on a leash.

Cooper was ultimately charged with falsely reporting an incident and will be arraigned on October 14. 

If convicted, she could be given a conditional discharge or sentenced to community service or counseling rather than jail time. 

In June, a woman was caught on camera at a gas station spitting at a worker who was serving behind the counter after being asked to wear a face mask. 

Incensed at being asked to one, she responded by lashing out and spat onto the countertop.

Also in June, another ‘Karen’ was caught on camera deliberately coughing over a fellow customer at a bagel shop in New York City after being called out for not wearing a face mask during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The customer was picking up her order in the Manhattan bagel bar when she appeared to lose her temper after being told that she was putting other people at risk by not wearing a face covering. 

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