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Tammy Hembrow reveals the workout she uses to achieve her world-famous derrière

She has always insisted her famous derrière is ‘built, not bought’.

And fitness sensation Tammy Hembrow is now sharing the secrets behind her sensational booty – and the exact workout you need to do to achieve similar results.

The mother of two, 26, told Perth Now on Wednesday that her ‘At-Home Booty V2’ regimen can help anyone get an Insta-worthy posterior with just a pair of dumbbells.

‘I get so many DMs asking how to target your side booty – so have added a workout completely focused on that area,’ she said, while promoting her app, Tammy Fit.

‘I think the booty program has been so popular because you can do the workouts anywhere with minimal equipment and it has always been appealing for mums that can’t make it to the gym,’ she added. 

‘Plus a lot of women are intimidated by the gym so prefer to workout at home. All you need is a set of dumbbells.’

Tammy also revealed that diet plays a big part in her booty program, as you need a ‘calorie surplus’ to ‘gain muscle’.

‘These calories should come from clean nutritious ingredients like lean protein, complex carbs and green, leafy veg,’ she added.

Tammy has previously said that she likes to work out at least three times a week.

During an appearance on Studio 10 in December, she described the strenuous workout regimen that helps her achieve her sensational physique.

‘I do a lot of heavy weights. You’re not going to build any muscle if you are not doing leg weights. I see a lot of girls doing cardio and this and that, it is not going to build any muscle really,’ she said.

Last year, Tammy addressed speculation she has had Brazilian butt lift surgery and insisted her famous derrière was the result of working out in the gym.

She told The Daily Telegraph: ‘I have always had people say that, they just don’t know that you can achieve that with working out.’

‘Obviously it is genetics and you can’t change your features but you can build muscle and shape and tone and all of that. I get tired of being accused of that.

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