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Suze Orman recuperates after spine tumor removal surgery

Suze Orman underwent surgery to remove a benign tumor on her spine.

The financial expert and guru, 69, is currently recovering at home in Florida, her friend and team member Sarah posted on the star’s official Facebook page.

‘One week from her surgery she is getting better and stronger every day,’ she wrote in the update.

She shared a snap of Suze in a wheelchair giving a thumbs up, while sporting a neck brace and face mask.

Suze also explained on her podcast, Suze Orman’s Women  & Money, that despite the fact it was a benign tumor, it had to ‘come out immediately.’

She said on the podcast, which was released July 23, the day of her scheduled surgery: ‘They found a tumor on my spine that is benign… But it needs to come out immediately.’

Adding: ‘So we will be getting on the place and going to the top surgeon in the United States to do this surgery.’

Two days after her surgery, Suze and KT – Kathy Travis, Suze’s wife of 10 years – shared an update on her Facebook page.

The update read: ‘Everything that was unknown, has now become the known! After 12 hours of a very difficult and delicate surgery on Thursday, Suze came through with flying colors, even to the doctor’s amazement.’

Adding: ‘She is resting comfortably and now tackling her physical therapy homework!’ 

On Friday, Suze spoke to her team member Sarah via FaceTime that ‘one week from her surgery she is getting better and stronger every day. I cannot express how much Suze and KT appreciate all of you for sharing your love and prayers with them.’ 

Suze also gave advice to Sarah to pass along to readers about the COVID-pandemic and its effect on the economy and what to focus on amid the crisis.  

Suze ended her financial advice with words of wisdom; she said: ‘The best thing you can do in your entire life is to ground yourself in the healing energy of love for yourself, and your family and friends. This world needs positive energy more than we have ever needed it before.’

She continued: ‘No on can count on anyone saving them, except for themselves. Don’t be afraid, don’t be angry, don’t be ashamed. I am begging you all to be kind to each other, even with those that are not being kind and respectful to you.’

Suze, who is a New York Times bestselling author, became a household name after appearing as a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live. 

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