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Study says dating profiles showing Apple products more popular

If you’re looking for love make sure some Apple gear is visible in your dating profile.

Researchers found that an iPhone, Apple Watch or even a pair of AirPods in your photos can boost the odds of a match by as much as 76 percent.

Most other brands, including Google, lowered the chances of someone swiping right.

However, the study found a BlackBerry is the kiss of death, as the device decreased the odds of a match by 74 percent.

To see what drove daters to swipe, researchers posted fake profiles on apps in several cities around the world.

The faces and profiles were identical – the only difference was what tech brand was on view in their photos.

Sponsored by review site, the survey analyzed over 50,000 swipes.

Having an iPhone visible in your photos raised the chances of a match by an astounding 76 percent, while an Apple Watch on your wrist increased them a healthy 61 percent and AirPods 41 percent.

A Samsung smartphone gave the profiles a small boost – 19 percent.

All the other brands tested were dealbreakers: A Google Pixel lowered the odds of a swipe by 10 percent, while a Huawei phone had 23 percent negative impact.

Showing a BlackBerry in your photo sunk the chances of a match by 74 percent.

Millennial daters are more likely to be influenced by someone’s phone than their car, said Rob Baillie, mobile communications expert at, 9to5Mac reports.

And Apple products seem to be the key to more people’s hearts, ‘perhaps due to the higher cost or “cool factor” associated with the brand,’ said Baille.

Women were somewhat more influenced by Apple gear than men, he added, and the effect was greatest on daters under 35. 

The ongoing pandemic has slowed down a lot of people’s dating life, but love connections are definitely still happening – even if they’re online.

Hinge experienced a 30% increase in messages during March than January and February, percentthe AP reports.

In June, the popular dating app saw a 13% spike in dates, both real-world and virtual.

‘Daters are feeling creative,’ said Logan Ury, Hinge’s chief researcher. ‘They’re feeling resilient, and they’re not willing to put a year of their love life on hold because of the global pandemic.’

In some cases people are getting more experimental.

The swingers app 3Fun reported a steady uptick in the number of messages sent since March.

New York City saw the most action, with 3Fun 22,874 active users,, the most of any state, according to The New York Post.

Last weekend Freeform and Hulu premiered the four-episode miniseries Love in the Time of Corona, about four different couples navigating their relationships during lockdown.

The show was filmed in April, using actors who were in relationships or quarantining together in real life.

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