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Student submits test in error when MEATBALL falls on keyboard

A University of Georgia student has proven that there are much more outlandish excuses for missing work or bad grades than ‘my dog ate my homework’ — but just because something seems strange doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Sam Lee, a 20-year-old junior at the school, recently failed an online test because — she claims — a meatball fell out of her sandwich and onto her computer keyboard, logging her out of the exam.

Luckily, Sam’s professor was sympathetic and allowed her to retake the test, thanks in part to Sam’s thorough documentation of her sandwich snafu.

Sam was taking a test for her economics class this month while eating a meatball sub — but before she was done answering the questions, one of the meatballs fell out of the sandwich, hitting the keyboard and exiting the test.

That left her with a failing grade of 39.17. 

Not willing to ruin her GPA over a slipping snack, she emailed her professor, Dr. William D. Lastrapes, to explain the situation.  

‘Dear Professor Lastrapes,’ she addressed the email, a screengrab of which she posted on Twitter. ‘I had some technical difficulties and outside distractions during the test today.’

She went on: ‘Something hit my computer and caused it to submit the test when I had less than half of the questions answered. 

‘By something, I mean a meatball that had tragically fallen onto my keyboard as I was taking the exam. 

‘This said meatball caused some malfunctions with my laptop and caused the test to submit itself.

‘While I have yet to comprehend how this sequence of events even occurred… I have provided you some primary evidence of the event occurring. 

‘I know that you drop the lowest Module test grade, but I just wanted to let you know that this grade was an accident, and I have been working very hard with the course material. 

‘I completely understand that a falling meatball is no excuse for the failing grade on this exam, but is there any possibility of retaking this test?’ she asked.

Sam also included a Snapchat screengrab of herself with the sandwich as proof. 

Luckily for Sam, Professor Lastrapes was understanding, and wrote back to inform her that she could retake the test.

‘Well, this is certainly a new and unusual excuse for a low score! But for that reason it seems unlikely you’ve made this up,’ he wrote. ‘I’ve extended your deadline for the module 6 test until midnight tonight… you should be able to go back to the test and finish it.  

‘I would recommend you take the test either before or after dinner,’ he added. 

Tickled by the unusual series of events, Sam shared the story on Twitter on July 15, writing: ‘Remember in high school teachers [in high school] would be like “your college professors will not tolerate this kind of behavior?”‘

Speaking to BuzzFeed, she admitted that she spent six hours working on the email to her professor and was ‘overjoyed with his response.’

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