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Stranger withdraws $10K and hands out $100 bills to cash-strapped Portland residents

A Portland man has selflessly provided some financial assistance to cash-strapped residents applying for emergency relief checks. 

The man – who has not been identified – reportedly withdrew up to $10,000 from an ATM outside the OnPoint credit union in Hillsboro on Thursday, before distributing $100 bills to each of the people waiting in line for economic help. 

Kathryn Davidson was one of the hundreds of people lined up outside the credit union to apply for the $500 relief check – part of a new financial assistance package announced by the Oregon state government earlier this week. 

Davidson told KOIN that she initially noticed the man pull up in a luxury Jaguar, and he appeared bothered by the fact that the crowd of people were blocking access to the ATM.

After Davidson explained to him that all of the people were waiting to apply for the emergency check, the man pushed through to the ATM and returned carrying a wad of cash. 

‘All of a sudden he breaks open a stack of $100 bills,’ Davidson stated.  

‘He said, ‘Distribute this down the line.’ He didn’t ask for any thanks. He just drove off.’ 

Davidson told the news network that she previously worked in armored transit services, and estimated that the man was clutching $10,000 in cash. 

‘He actually broke the band off of it, so that means it was $10,000. At least $3,000 — maybe the whole $10,000 — was just distributed to everyone in line,’ she stated. 

That means 100 people in the line received a $100 bill from the man, who left the scene without sharing his name. 

Davidson tearfully told KOIN that the act of kindness had restored her faith in a particularly difficult time. 

‘All of us in line, we wanted to say thank you so much, whoever you are. You’re a saint,’ Davidson emotionally said. 

‘There were black people, white people, men, women, Catholics and people with a Jewish star necklace — handed out to all of us, didn’t matter who we were — women in burkas and every manner and walk of life are here, and he helped all of us,’ she further stated. 

It appears the man does not wanted to be publicized for his good deed, as local news networks have been unable to track him down. 

KOIN reports that 33,000 Oregonians had applied for the $500 emergency relief check on Thursday morning. More than 70,000 people across the state are expected to apply for the additional assistance. 

Oregon has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 24,000 residents testing positive to COVID-19. 412 have died. 

The financial fallout has also been devastating. According to local reports, 243,500 Oregonians have lost their jobs jobs since the start of the crisis.  

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