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Steve Bing disinherited his children Damian Hurley and Kira Kerkoivan in his will

Steve Bing disinherited his two children Damian Hurley and Kira Kerkorian from his will, as Kerkorian fights for control of his estate that was valued at just $337,000, according to documents obtained exclusively by

The multi-millionaire committed suicide aged 55 in June, jumping from his 27th floor apartment in Los Angeles – days before the year anniversary of his 28-year-old girlfriend’s death.  

Bing shared 18-year-old son Damian with British actress Elizabeth Hurley. He also had daughter Kira, 21, with former tennis star Lisa Bonder. Bing was revealed as Kira’s father in a legal dispute between Bonder and her ex-husband, billionaire Kirk Kerkorian, who thought Kira was his daughter.

The Hollywood movie investor, who received a $600 million inheritance from his grandfather when he turned 18, had his will drawn up in 2001 – before he knew Kira had been born and while Hurley was pregnant. 

Although he notes Hurley was expecting a child, Bing declares in his will: ‘Whether or not such child is mine, it is my intention not to provide in this Will for such child (or any other child as to which I may be the father) in this Will or for the offspring of any such child or children, whether now living or hereafter born.’ 

Despite excluding them from his will, Bing later formed relationships with both Damian and Kira, even fighting for them to be included in their grandfather’s trust last year. 

Now, Kira is attempting to be made administrator of her late father’s estate, which was valued at just $337,000.

Prior to his death, Bing had an estimated net worth of $590 million, according to various reports. While his estate was valued at $337,000 – his properties were not included in that evaluation. 

At the time of his death, Bing was fighting a $7 million breach of contract lawsuit against entrepreneur Matthew Khoury’s company KRE Wellness, stemming from an agreement made in 2015. 

Khoury claims that between Fall 2015 and Summer 2019, Bing failed to pay ‘qualifying receipts’, and filed suit against Bing in April.  

Kira says in court documents that wants wants to be made Special Administrator for Bing’s estate so she can fight the suit. 

A judge will rule on that matter on Thursday.

Bing also had a trust established in 1983 – which President Clinton’s Foundation was listed as a beneficiary. 

Bing had long been a friend of the Clintons, pictured with Bill throughout the years. 

Upon news of his death, Bill Clinton tweeted: ‘I loved Steve Bing very much. He had a big heart, and he was willing to do anything he could for the people and causes he believed in. 

‘I will miss him and his enthusiasm more than I can say, and I hope he’s finally found peace.’  

Bing died on June 22, just days before the one-year anniversary of his girlfriend 28-year-old actress Allexanne Mitchum’s death from a drug overdose, social media posts by her family revealed.

The couple had an argument, but Bing called and the two made up. However, before she returned to their Palm Springs home she took what she believed to be a Xanax pill. 

The pill was laced with fentanyl causing Allexanne to overdose. 

She stopped breathing that day and was declared dead on July 3, 2019.

Allexanne’s aunt said that even before the coronavirus lockdown Bing was struggling with his mental health, feeling guilty over Allexanne’s death.

‘In March, shortly before lockdown, Steve, my mother, and I were to meet for lunch at The Bel Air. Steve called that morning and asked that just I come as he was not feeling well,’ Carrie wrote on Facebook on Friday. 

‘I went to his apartment in Century City, bought him a bunch of groceries, and we talked for hours. He was questioning God, the afterlife, the meaning of everything and anything.

 ‘He got really quiet and his eyes filled with tears and he said… ‘And the guilt…’… I knew exactly what he meant. 

Bing reportedly  wanted to have kids with Allexanne, as her aunt said in a post on Facebook: ‘Steve had two children and while he fought for them, they were unplanned. 

‘Steve didn’t want to be a bad father, as he claimed his father was, so I was surprised he wanted to be a father but he told me Allexanne was afraid of being left alone if he died, since he was 25 years her senior.’ 

In 2002 he fathered Hurley’s 18-year-old son Damian, but broke up with the actress and model soon after. He also had a daughter, Kira, with former tennis pro Lisa Bonder. 

Bing’s paternity was revealed in a legal dispute between Bonder and her ex-husband, casino tycoon billionaire Kirk Kerkorian. 

Bing claimed in a legal filing that a PI hired by Kerkorian took dental floss out of his trash to get a DNA sample for a paternity test. The test proved Bonder’s child was Bing’s, not Kerkorian’s.

Last year, Bing’s father Peter Bing had tried to block Kira and Damian from being beneficiaries of his trust, claiming they were love children and should be excluded. 

Bing jumped into the legal battle for his children and successfully fought the case, ensuring Damian and Kira would be beneficiaries.   

In a tribute posted on Instagram about Bing’s deathk, Hurley revealed that she had been rebuilding her friendship with Bing over the past year.

‘I am saddened beyond belief that my ex Steve is no longer with us. It is a terrible end,’ Hurley wrote. ‘Our time together was happy and I’m posting these pictures because although we went through some tough times, it’s the good, wonderful memories of a sweet, kind man that matter.

‘In the past year we had become close again. We last spoke on our son’s 18th birthday. This is devastating news and I thank everyone for their lovely messages.’

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