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‘Step bridge’ spans gorge above Norway’s Voringsfossen waterfall

Visitors to one of the most dramatic waterfalls in Norway will soon be able to experience a brand new thrilling view of it, thanks to a staircase spanning the gorge it thunders through.

Voringsfossen plunges 182 metres (nearly 600ft) from the Hardangervidda plateau to the Mabodalen valley. And up until now, visitors beheld its majesty from man-made viewpoints on the surrounding cliffs.

On Friday, though, a spectacular new ‘step bridge’ right above the torrents will open, yielding an altogether more adrenalin-pumping perspective.

The 154ft-long (47m) construction is something of an architectural marvel – as newly released images and video show – and likely to become an attraction in its own right.

It has 99 steps and an acute angle, because the two sides of the gorge it connects have a height difference of 52ft.

The architect behind it is Norwegian Carl-Viggo Holmebakk, who has long enjoyed exploring the connections between architecture, technology, infrastructure and nature.

He said: ‘Several conditions have influenced the shape of the bridge. 

‘The construction needs to be safe and solid, the bridge needs to connect with the old, historic road and the landscape, and of course emphasise the views and experiences.’

Visit Norway said in a statement: ‘The development of the tourist icon Voringsfossen has happened step by step over several years to make sure that visitors and the local tourism industry can enjoy the project as it is being finished.

‘The first leg of the project was finished in 2018 and included viewpoints, paths, a parking lot and service facilities near the Fossli Hotel.

‘By 2021, there will be new viewpoints and paths added.’

If you suspect you won’t want to tear your eyes away from the waterfall if you visit, check into the aforementioned Fossli Hotel, which overlooks it.

From the hotel to the river below, it’s a drop of 1,000ft. 

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