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Squirrels in the U.S. are ‘splooting’ in an attempt to stay cool and close to the ground

Americans across the country are capturing hilarious photos of squirrels sprawled out on a variety of surfaces in an effort to cool off in the blazing heat. 

The small mammals are ‘splooting,’ with people in New Jersey and Texas capturing the critters laid out on sidewalks, patches of grass and even on walls. 

‘It’s super hot here in Texas right now, obviously, and those squirrels are basically just trying to cool themselves,’ Jil Calcote, with the Moonshine Wildlife Rehabilitation in Cedar Park, explained to WTNH.    

‘They are basically getting as much of their body on a cooler surface. If it’s cooler than the air outside, they’re going to put their body on it and it’s going to cool their temperature.’ 

While people are advised to stay away, as squirrels do bite, those looking to help can give water to help keep them hydrated.  

‘We always suggest that humans give wildlife their space, to watch from a distance,’ she said. 

‘You can give them water. We don’t ever encourage people to feed wildlife but clean water is great.’

Leanne DuPay, a wildlife rehabilitator with Texas Parks and Wildlife, shared that the best way to help squirrels would be to lay plate-like dishes near where they lie. 

‘If they are just laying, sprawled out and looking around, they’re fine,’ Calcote added. 

During the colder months, squirrels will also sploot so that they can get warmer. 

Most of the southwest United States has been under an intense heat wave for the last several weeks.  

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