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SpaceX: Elon Musk plans to build RESORT near Texas facility

Elon Musk is planning to build a resort near the SpaceX facility in Texas as part of his goal to turn the small Boca Chica hamlet into a ’21st century Spaceport’. 

The plans were revealed in a job ad posted online at the weekend for a Resort Development Manager whose role will be to ‘oversee the development of SpaceX’s first resort from inception to completion’.  

The latest idea from the eccentric entrepreneur comes after he has repeatedly angered local residents in the area, with some likening the noise of rocket launches to living ‘in a war zone’. Others have accused SpaceX of trying to bully them out of their homes. 

News of the resort is also at odds with warnings that residents say the company gave them of ‘potential risk to health and safety’ ahead of the launch of a rocket prototype. 

The successful candidate for the newly-created Resort Development Manager role will be responsible for managing the design, architecture and construction of the space venture’s very first resort. 

They will be based in Brownsville where SpaceX is developing and testing Starship – its rocket that aims to to carry up to 100 people to the Moon and Mars.

Musk hopes Starship will one day realize his dream of building a city for humans to live on Mars. 

The job posting includes the company’s lofty goal ‘of enabling people to live on other planets’ and counts the transformation of Boca Chica Village into a spaceport as part of the process.  

Applicants should have experience bringing teams and processes from development to production, strong leadership skills and be willing to work long hours and weekends. 

It is not clear what Musk’s vision of a resort will look like or who the target demographic is.

The ad indicates the project could be in the very early stages with the resort manager responsible for obtaining necessary permits and determining the cost and schedule. 

However, the ad suggests Musk is eyeing an upmarket design with experience working for high end brand luxury development detailed as a preferred skill on the job spec. 

Just a few miles away, South Padre Island is home to several popular resorts popular with Spring Breakers. 

News of Musk’s dream of a resort is likely to fuel yet more outrage among local Boca Chica residents who have grown weary with the billionaire’s invasion of the tiny hamlet.

SpaceX began buying up homes and land in the area in 2015 to expand his SpaceX empire and build a test site for his Starship program in a takeover that has repeatedly drawn the ire of the local community.

Before Musk moved in, Boca Chica was a quiet hamlet of just 35 houses and a tiny chapel and was known to be something of an isolated paradise teeming with wildlife such as blue buntings and coyotes.

Now SpaceX has bought up more than half of the homes and turned many of them into workshops, storage sites, and delivery centers. 

In June, residents told the company was bullying them to leave their homes using threats and aggressive tactics. 

SpaceX now owns most of the village but the remaining 12 residents said they have no plans going anywhere.

They said the company has made several offers to buy their homes well below market value and have been personally visited by the Senior Director of Finance David Finlay who put pressure on them to sell up.  

One resident even compared the company’s behavior to that of the South African apartheid regime which used threats, intimidation and segregation to exploit the poor black majority for the benefit of the wealthy white minority.

Retired social worker Celia Johnson, 76, has lived in the village since 1992 and has rejected every offer SpaceX has made for her two properties so far.

She said: ‘Elon Musk was born and raised in South Africa and that’s where they had apartheid. That’s where they had the rich white folks use the minorities to make the money and he’s never changed his thinking. He’s here simply for the money.’

SpaceX has previously said it will pay owners three times the value of their homes if they decide to sell up.

Most of the modest properties have a market value of between $40,000 and $60,000 according to county records but residents said they have been offered much less and that SpaceX bases its valuations on similar but abandoned homes. 

This came after residents last year likened the area to being in ‘a war zone’ after they were handed ‘shocking’ warnings of ‘potential risk to health and safety’ ahead of the launch of a rocket prototype.   

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