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‘Skinny house’ that measures just THREE FEET on one side sells for $260,000 in Illinois

A ‘skinny house’ that went viral for its shockingly slim dimensions and triangular shape just sold for $260,000 in Illinois on Friday. 

The unconventional home, located in Deerfield, is nestled on a 3,876-sqft lot at the corner of a neighborhood where they average income in $142,000.  

Known as the ‘Pie House’ to locals, the two-bedroom and three-bathroom home measures just three feet on one of its sides.  The ‘wedge-shaped’ property then expands to about 20 feet in width on the other side. 

Alan Berlow, the realtor with Coldwell Banker Homes, told that the home is about 20 feet in height and its unusual design was a byproduct of local property ordinances.  

When the original homeowners first built the property in 2003, they had to fit the entirety of their home on just 40 per cent of the lot, said Berlow.

The Village of Deerfield had an ordinance that said homes built in that area must allow space between homes and roadways.

‘Where lots comprising forty (40) percent or more of the frontage on a block are developed with buildings having front yards of greater depth than required herein, new buildings shall not be erected closer to the street than the average front yard so established by the existing buildings.’ it read in the General Provisions.

The Pie House remained a local wonder to Deerfield residents until a Tik Tok user uploaded video of the home and attracted a following.

User @eli.korn_ shared footage of the Pie House’s exterior in a viral video that has been viewed more than 1.2million times and has 337,000 likes.

In it, the boy is seen marveling at the slender structure at 970 Chestnust Drive while a caption reads ‘Skinny House’ several times in a row.

edtwt how do we feel abt the tiktok skinnyhouse

‘That’s not a house, that’s a hallway,’ one Tik Tok commentor said, while another added,’One gust of wind and it’s all over.’

‘How does someone live there?’ one person asked. ‘But like…how do the stairs work? Are they just an entire corner? Are they spiral? is it just a LADDER?’

But Berlow said the home is actually quite spacious and the exterior design is a bit deceiving.

‘It appears quote normal inside the home,’ he said.

The Pie House has over 1,600sqft of living space, including a finished basement out of the 1,122sqft home.  

‘The space and how it’s distributed through the home is certainly nontraditional but it works. The home was built specifically for the size of the lot and it’s far more functional than it looks,’ Berlow told Today. 

He said the area that measures just three-feet-wide houses a bathroom and storage area. Despite the exterior, the bedrooms apparently feel normal size. 

The master bedroom on the second floor as a 19-foot width, while a bedroom in the basement records a 17-foot width. The living room on the main level has a 23-foot width and the kitchen comes just under that at 15 feet. 

According to Berlow, the ‘Pie House’ didn’t get its charming name just because of its shape.

‘It’s shaped like a piece of pie. Also it’s a ‘slice’ of history in Deerfield, an area in the famous North Shore of Chicago,’ he said.  

And to Berlow, it’s no wonder the triangular property went viral on social media.

‘It’s so unique and it’s a very well-known home in the community,’ he said. 

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