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Sisters, 12 and 13, found safe after fears they’d run off with man

Two young sisters from Tennessee who had been reported missing and were suspected of running off with a 29-year-old man were found unharmed this morning. 

The Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office on Monday posted a Facebook message, announcing that the ‘runaway girls,’ ages 12 and 13, were ‘in custody and safe.’ 

The agency offered no further details, only saying that the investigation is continuing. 

In an earlier post dated Monday night, the sheriff’s office appealed to the public’s help in locating the runaways, as WKRN first reported. 

According to the alert, the two sisters had run away from home and were suspected to be in the company of 29-year-old Jason Crutchfield.   

The Ashland City resident was said to have ‘given incriminating statements and needs to be located and questioned,’ the status update read. 

Crutchfield has not been charged with any crime and has staunchly defended himself on social media. 

The girls’ grandparents posted on Facebook that their two ‘unruly’ granddaughters had been missing since last Thursday. 

The sisters’ maternal grandmother wrote in a post on Monday that her daughter and the woman’s other children had joined her on a weekend trip to an amusement park in Kentucky, while the older girls were still missing.  

In a follow-up post on Tuesday, the grandmother confirmed that her granddaughters were safe after being dropped off at a police station.     

Meanwhile, Crutchfield has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, writing in an expletive-ridden Facebook post that he was nowhere near Cheatham County and had nothing to do with the disappearance of the girls. 

‘Now I want the apology to go as far as this went world wide,’ he wrote in a status update on Tuesday morning. 

But a man claiming to be an uncle of the runaway girls quickly clapped back at Crutchfield, claiming that he has seen proof in the form of text message exchanges showing that the 29-year-old had been communicating with the minors, and allegedly professing his love to one of them.

‘Apologies for what??’ the uncle wrote. ‘We still have proof of you and the girls talking & proof of pictures sent,so stick that apology up your a** & leave my nieces alone! Just because they weren’t found with you doesn’t mean a damn thing because I’ve seen the proof that you are a pedophile!!’

Crutchfield did not directly respond to the uncle’s allegations.  

As of Tuesday morning, no arrests or charges have been announced in the sisters’ missing persons case. 

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