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Simon Cowell steps out for the first time for a hospital checkup after breaking his back

Simon Cowell has been nicknamed ‘The Terminator’ after bouncing back from the six-hour spinal surgery.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge, 60, impressed friends with his quick recovery after he broke his back and was spotted out for the first time since the incident. 

In photographs obtained by The Sun, the star was seen out and about as he was chauffeured to a hospital appointment following his painful accident.  

The star was spotted on Sunday as he headed out in the back seat of a car for a hospital checkup. 

The TV personality injured himself after testing his new electric bike in Los Angeles.

He broke three vertebrae in the fall and has had a steel rod inserted in his back after the painful accident.

A source told The Sun: ‘One of his friends joked that the metal holding him together makes him The Terminator – which amused Simon.

‘He won’t mind if that sticks, but the main thing is that he’s on the mend. 

‘The experts are pleased with how things are looking and he’s doing physiotherapy at home every day. It’s looking good.’

Speaking exclusively with MailOnline after the accident, sources close to the family said: ‘He’s in good spirits and knows he had a lucky escape and that this could have been worse.’ 

And within two days Simon was already said to be back on his feet walking around and even taking work calls despite reportedly facing ‘weeks’ of physiotherapy.

The family sources added: ‘He’s doing really well considering everything.

‘He’s been walking around already, obviously he has to be careful, which is expected considering surgery was only one day ago. 

‘Simon has even been working yesterday and also today he’s been on emails on his iPad since early morning. He’s in good spirits and knows he had a lucky escape and that this could have been worse,’ they added.

It was also recently reported that Simon has surrounded his hospital bed with healing crystals in a bid to speed up his recovery after breaking his back.  

And it is thought that he ditched his vegetarian diet in the hope of returning back to work as soon as possible. 

A source told The Sun: ‘Two of his friends had searched out and delivered some powerful healing energy crystals which he has with him.’

It is thought that girlfriend Lauren has been placing the gifts by his bedside as well as bringing him healthy food during his stint in hospital. 

The X Factor boss is thought to now be eating a combination of white meat and chocolate during his recovery.

A source told the Mirror: ‘Lauren has been to the hospital to drop a few things off once each day. She has been making his favourite Italian bean soup and also Cottage Pie with turkey, which he loves. 

‘His diet is incredibly healthy but there’s nothing better than traditional English comfort foods and treats when you’re on the mend.’

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