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Sharon Stone, 62, shares cover of upcoming tell-all memoir

Sharon Stone has shared the cover for her new tell-all book The Beauty Of Living Twice which comes out in March 2021.

The photo is of the 62-year-old Academy Award nominee – who is best known for the films Basic Instinct and Casino – in a black-and-white image with her arms up to her face.  

‘Possibility made me write this book: the opportunity to grow, and to share that growth. I have learned to forgive the unforgivable. My hope is that as I share my journey, you too will learn to do the same,’ the mother-of-three said in her caption.

‘In THE BEAUTY OF LIVING TWICE, Stone writes with candor about her life and career, from her childhood in Pennsylvania to her rise as one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actresses,’ Knopf shared on Twitter.

That means she will share stories about her childhood in Pennsylvania as well as her modeling career, her breakout hit film, 1992’s thriller Basic Instinct with Michael Douglas as well as starring with Robert De Niro in the 1995 drama Casino.

Stone will also write about her stroke in 2001 that almost killed her.

And Knopf noted she will touch on her humanitarian work on behalf of AIDS research.

‘Stone in these pages echoes the Stone who made headlines throughout her career: she is courageous, honest, and outspoken, refusing to pull any punches when discussing aspects of the trauma and violence she endured as a child and how her chosen career as an actress echoed many of those same assaults,’ Knopf said in a statement. 

In April Sharon shared during a video chat with supermodel Naomi Campbell for her show No Filter With Noami, that she a memoir.

‘I’ve written a book, it’s out of the end of the year or the beginning of next year,’ the actress said.

The book will cover her marriages to Phil Bronstein (1998 to 2004), Michael Greenburg (1984 to 1987).

She may also touch on her relationships with John Kennedy Jr, Phil Bronstein and Dwight Yoakam. 

Stone revealed earlier this week to The Sun that she cheated death three times after being struck by lightning, throttled and suffering a stroke. 

‘I had my neck cut to a sixteenth of an inch from my jugular vein when I was 14 on a clothesline. I’ve been hit by lightning and, wow, that was really intense. It’s like, “How am I going to die next time?” Probably something super dramatic and nuts.’ 

The star also suffered a huge stroke in 2001, leaving her hospitalized with a hemorrhage for nine days.

The Golden Globe winner was given one per cent chance of surviving and said it felt like she had been shot in the head. Sharon was in and out of a coma and had to undergo seven-hour surgery where 22 coils were inserted into her brain.

She previously told Brett Goldstein on the Films To Be Buried With podcast about her lightning ordeal. ‘I was at home. We had our own well. I was filling the iron with water, and I had one hand on the faucet, one hand on the iron and the well got hit with lightning and the lighting came up through the water,’ she said.

‘I got picked up and thrown across the kitchen, and I hit the refrigerator,’ Stone recalled. ‘I was like, “Woah!”

‘My mother was standing there, And my mother just belted me across the face and brought me to.’ 

Sharon has three sons: Roan, 20, Laird, 15, and Quinn, 14. 

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