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Shark gives flash of her blue eyes while exploring research sub

A massive shark, whose ancestors swam the seas before the age of dinosaurs, was caught on camera devouring prey 1,700ft (528m) beneath the ocean.


The sixgill shark was filmed from inside a submarine by a team of researchers on Saturday, June 30 off the coast of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. 

As the crew look on in astonishment, the majestic beast – believed to be around 16ft long – chomps down on a fish amid swirling clouds of sand, as one of the occupants exclaims, ‘My goodness!’.

The shark, whose forebears were around 250million years ago, then bares her surprisingly small teeth before exploring the exterior of the vessel – while the crew remain quite calm. 

A member of the team, from the OceanX project, says: ‘Look at the width of that thing’ – before adding, ‘This is a monster. She is huge.’

At one point, the sixgill pushes her nose across their craft and one of her big blue eyes is briefly visible, before she rolls them back.

The curious creature also has a look at the onboard spearguns, which are used to tag the sharks. 

Gavin Naylor – director of The Florida Program of Shark Research, Florida Museum at the University of Florida – uploaded the incredible footage to Twitter on Tuesday.

He wrote: ‘More footage of six-gill at 528 meters from inside the sub last Saturday. 

‘This sequence was taken by Lee Frey, our multi-talented sub pilot/engineer/inventor who designed the solenoid triggered spear guns for sub-based tagging. Thanks again to the entire OceanX team. Amazing.’

Mr Naylor believes the shark could be as long as 16ft. He told MailOnline: ‘It’s probably 16ft. It’s hard to tell without objective measures as the sub’s acrylic dome makes things look much smaller than they truly are.’ 

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