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SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Carla Bruni reveals she slept with Nicolas Sarkozy on their second date 

Perhaps inspired by the suggestion in new biography Finding Freedom that Meghan Markle slept with Prince Harry on their third date, Carla Bruni has gone one better.

The model and singer has decided to make public the fact that she jumped into bed with the then President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, as soon as their second date.

‘It was love at first sight,’ she declares. ‘I can’t believe I got that at 40 years old — it was crazy. I would never have thought that could happen at that age.’

Italian-born Carla, now 52, was introduced to Sarkozy, 65, by a mutual friend, Jacques Seguela, in 2007. 

‘He had this crazy idea, like a blind date,’ she recalls in an online chat with Naomi Campbell this week. 

‘He told me: “Do you want to have dinner with President Sarkozy?” And I said: “Oh, OK.” ’

Sarkozy’s divorce from his second wife, Cecilia Attias, had just been finalised, while Carla had split from philosopher Raphael Enthoven, father of her son, Aurelien, 19.

‘I thought he was going to come with his wife. And he didn’t — that was the cool part,’ adds Carla. ‘And then we went home together — not on the first night, but the second.’

Their matchmaker has described their blind date as ‘the unexpected game of seduction played out between two wild beasts’.

He also claims Carla told Sarkozy she was aware of his ‘womaniser’ reputation — to which he reportedly replied: ‘My reputation is no worse than yours.’

The couple married within seven weeks and now have a daughter, Giulia, eight. 

Biographer Valerie Benaim has claimed Carla had a ‘brief but very passionate’ affair with the former French prime minister Laurent Fabius, 74, before she met Sarkozy. 

She also discussed Carla’s numerous ‘secret’ lovers, including Sir Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton.

It is claimed that on her first trip with Sarkozy to her £2 million Riviera villa, she invited a trio of ex- boyfriends. 

They all had to sit at the same dinner table as her husband, sharing anecdotes about their relationships with her.

The BBC’s cultural cringe continued at the Edinburgh TV Festival where Newsnight’s UK Editor Katie Razzall, leading a session on ‘racism in TV newsrooms’ produced by the programme, said: ‘My chairing this panel as a white woman is indicative of the challenge we are all facing.’

Perhaps if Newsnight’s absence of ethnic minority presenters and reporters hadn’t led insiders to nickname it ‘Newswhite’, Ms Razzall might have been spared her obvious embarrassment?

Tycoon and ex-Dragons’ Den star Duncan Bannatyne may be enjoying a new lease of life with his wife, Nigora, who is 31 years his junior.

But is age starting to catch up with him?

The Scot, 71, who is seeing out the pandemic at the couple’s £5 million home in Portugal, has been wearing a wrist brace in recent pictures he’s shared online. 

‘It’s a form of wrist arthritis,’ he tells me. 

‘It’s uncomfortable, but I’ve got a wrist support and I need to wear it for a week and then it should be gone.’

Fittingly, for someone who made his £300 million fortune from sports clubs, he adds: ‘I’m still maintaining my fitness — everyone should.’


Tatler cover star Sabrina Percy struggled with school due to dyslexia, but she hasn’t given up on academia.

The artist, 30, reveals she’s qualified as a ‘human potential coach’ after spending many late nights during lockdown attending lectures at a Los Angeles institute via Zoom.

‘It’s my dream job,’ she tells me. 

‘Watching clients have breakthroughs is one of the most rewarding experience I’ve had.’

Although Princess Anne pulled the plug on the Gatcombe horse trials, held at her estate for 29 years, she’s still keen to attract riders.

The Queen’s daughter is advertising for equestrians to pay to gallop across her 700 acres in Gloucestershire. 

‘Many of you were sad to see the horse trials come to an end last year, so we hope that you will love and support this just as much,’ says an ad online. 

When the Daily Mail Diary disclosed the end of the trials, a firm fixture of the sporting calendar, it caused shockwaves among the horsey set.

The Princess has previously spoken of the challenges involved in hosting the trials. ‘People think you’re making money, but it’s a close-run thing,’ she said.

As more and more fashion designers jump on the bandwagon to create stylish — and expensive — face masks, style arbiter and friend of the royals Nicky Haslam says this is one trend he will snub.

‘I think the best ones are the very cheap ones that they practically hand out for free,’ the interior designer tells me. 

‘They’re quite light and don’t make you feel claustrophobic.’


Reclusive rock star Sir Van Morrison has attacked his fellow musicians for failing to join him in campaigning against the restrictions on live concerts.

The Moondance singer claims he and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber are the ‘only people in the music business trying to get it back up and running again’. 

Sir Van, who is to play a series of socially distanced shows in England, declares: ‘I call on my fellow singers, musicians, writers, producers, promoters and others in the industry to fight with me on this.

‘Come forward, stand up, fight the pseudoscience and speak up.’

Doctor Who star Noel Clarke overdid the humility when he shared an Edinburgh TV Festival drama panel with writers Russell T. Davies and Lucy Prebble. 

‘To be mentioned in the same breath as Russell and Lucy . . . I couldn’t hold their G-strings,’ gushed Clarke.

Thanks to Zoom, viewers were able to see both writers turn a distinct shade of puce.

Lewis star Laurence Fox said his stormy divorce from Secret Diary Of A Call Girl star Billie Piper and the rancorous custody battle over their two sons left him needing therapy.

Now, Billie has disclosed she’s undergone counselling herself. 

‘I’ve done a fair bit of therapy and I think that’s really helped every aspect of my life but in most recent months, my professional life,’ says the actress, who stars in Sky Atlantic’s new revenge-porn drama I Hate Suzie.

‘It’s been wildly effective and has really helped my relationships with people on set and just generally.’

Put out to pasture as the BBC’s voice of horse racing earlier this year, Cornelius Lysaght says his disappointment is compounded by the fact that many of his radio peers don’t know how to do their jobs. 

‘[It] is the intimacy with the listener.’ Lysaght, 55, says. 

‘There are an immense number of broadcasters who just don’t really understand that intimacy and that’s a pity. I miss it like mad.’ 

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