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Russia’s Booty Slapping Champion brings unique skills to Bottle Cap Challenge sweeping the internet 

An Russian ‘Booty Slapping’ Champion has completed the ‘bottle cap challenge’ using a rather inventive method.


Nastya Zolotaya, 25, posted a slow-motion video of herself in skimpy underwear using her derriere to flick the cap off the top of a bottle.

She completed the task flawlessly, and ended the video by imitating ‘blowing the top off’ the bottle.

For Russia’s booty slapping queen, who won the national competition where women  hit each other on the backside until one falls over, it appeared to be a walk in the park.

She also challenged model Anastasia Mizgireva to perform the stunt.

It is the latest internet craze in which celebrities attempt to flick the cap off a bottle by using a spinning back kick.

They then have to nominate other celebrities, which has seen the challenge reach actor Ryan Reynolds, and sporting star Conor McGregor, who in turn challenged boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Others, such as Ms Zolotaya have tried out more creative methods using their own skills to complete the challenge.

Ms Zolotaya came to public attention by winning the ‘Booty Slapping’ tournament which was staged in Moscow as part of the Yashankin bodybuilding cup. 

The ‘Booty Slapping’ idea came from a Russian men’s ‘slapping’ competition held in Siberia in March, the winner of which was Vasiliy ‘Dumpling’ Kamotskiy.

Dumpling gave his own version of the Bottle Cap Challenge on Wednesday, posting a video of himself slapping off the bottle cap on his farm in Krasnoyarsk, Eastern Russia.

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