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Royal insider says Epstein can’t have had ‘secret video’ of Prince Andrew

Claims that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell joked about ‘randy Andy’ while watching a secret video of the Duke of York with a topless woman have been slammed as false by a royal insider.   

‘Tiffany Doe’, 48, a former employee of paedophile Epstein, said that she walked in on the financier and his girlfriend in a ‘television control room,’ packed with screens at his £77million New York penthouse. 

She said the screens showed Prince Andrew, who was seen driving away from Windsor Castle today after a morning out riding, in a bedroom with a topless woman.

However, a royal insider has rubbished the claims and said they ‘cannot be right’ as Ms Doe had said she met the Duke in the mid-90s – even though Andrew didn’t meet Epstein until 1999. 

The source told MailOnline: ‘This account cannot be right. She claims to have met the Duke in the mid-90s. But the Duke wasn’t introduced to Epstein until 1999. 

‘She claims to have left Epstein’s employment in 2000, but waits decades before mentioning anything about a video? Really?’

Ms Doe had said: ‘I do not know who the girl was on the video but she was topless. I really can’t say what her age was.

‘I couldn’t see all of Andrew so I don’t know if he was clothed or not. It looked like it was filmed in a bedroom. I don’t think Andrew knew he was being filmed.’

She added: ‘Then Ghislaine said, ”Oh that’s Randy Andy for you.” Jeffrey laughed at that and I of course immediately recognised who it was on the tape.’ 

The Duke has always denied any allegations of improper conduct, and there is no suggestion he was aware of underage girls at Epstein’s parties in the late 1990s. 

Ms Doe, a former lapdancer, who is helping lawyers in the States who represent Epstein and Maxwell’s victims, claimed it was common knowledge that the paedophile secretly filmed some of his elite friends.

She said Epstein had cameras installed in the bedrooms of the Manhattan mansion and would spend hours watching the videos.

She added she was sure he had videos of people having sex which he enjoyed as voyeur.

Ms Doe told The Sun that she met Epstein when she was 22 and she claims he manipulated her into procuring young girls on his behalf.

Epstein, who was found hanging in a prison cell last August while awaiting trial, compensated Ms Doe for bringing girls to his events. 

Ms Doe said she wishes to make amends for this and help the victims to get justice.

The woman, who has previously testified against Epstein, described last year how Prince Andrew had ‘motorboated’ her and said she should be in a magazine for ‘big-breasted women’.

Recalling their alleged meeting, the former lap dancer said: ‘The Duke seemed in good spirits and was out to enjoy himself. I always thought, Andrew liked my breasts. When he started to say hello he looked at them first rather than me.

‘He leant forward and put his face on them and blew a raspberry. I was shocked, but I laughed, thinking ‘Wow what was that?”

She claimed that Prince Andrew would attend Epstein’s parties ‘a couple of times a year.’ 

The woman claimed Epstein ‘wanted to make Andrew happy’ and that she had been ‘specifically selected’ to please him.  

She added: ‘After Andrew motorboated me he tried to remember what it was meant to be called. He didn’t quite know the term ‘motorboat’. He said, ‘motor… something?’

‘He was trying to come off cool, but he didn’t know the words. I found him quite awkward, quite clumsy. He said I should be in a magazine for big-breasted women. It was a normal thing to happen at those parties.’ 

Ms Doe said she stopped working for Epstein in 2000 because she was revolted by his depravity.

Epstein and British socialite Maxwell, 58, were friends for decades and she allegedly served as his madam.

She is now being held in a Brooklyn jail and pleaded not guilty last week to trafficking minors for Epstein.

She was denied bail and will go on trial in July 2021.

Maxwell was friends with Prince Andrew and introduced him to Epstein.

The Duke of York has admitted to flying on the millionaire’s private jet, staying on his island in the Caribbean and at the sprawling New York penthouse.

One of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Giuffre (Roberts), claims she was coerced into having sex with the prince as a 17-year-old in London.

He has denied any allegations of sexual misconduct in the strongest terms.

A spokesman for the duke’s legal team said of Tiffany Doe’s claims: ‘There will doubtless be a welter of these kind of ‘recollections’, some ten or more years after the fact, particularly where claims on the Epstein estate are concerned. Where is the evidence?’

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