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‘Road Trip Hotel Robes’ have WiFi, chargers, snacks and a safe

With most Americans avoiding air travel during the pandemic — but some still desperate to get out of town for a little vacation — road trips are fast becoming the best and only way to travel during the pandemic.

And to make the experience a whole lot more comfortable, is bringing some of the best hotel amenities right to customers’ cars.

The booking site announced today that 10 lucky customers will be able to get their hands on its very-exclusive ‘Road Trip Robes’: plush terrycloth hotel robes stocked with lots of snacks, built-in WiFi, a charging station, a hot and cold pocket, and more fun amenities.

Except for the cozy white terrycloth, the $150 Road Trip Robe is unlike any hotel robe anyone has ever enjoyed on an overnight stay.

It comes with a minibar pocket that has been pre-stocked with road trip snacks (and hand wipes), including chips and candy. 

There is built-in WiFi to give data plans a break, and even a tech pocket to charge phones or other devices.

Yet another pocket include a small safe for storing valuables, while an insulated hot and cold pocket is built in for keeping lunch warm or drinks (or ice cream) cold. 

The robe also has a mattress seat and a supply of hand sanitizer, as well as a $1,500 gift card and a year-long upgrade to gold status.

‘As the travel landscape continues to change and there is an increase in the popularity of road trips, we want to help travelers live their best hotel life wherever their adventures take them, however they get there,’ Josh Belkin, Vice President of the brand, said in a press release.

‘The Road Trip Robe brings the best parts of the hotel experience with road-trippers from stop to stop.’

The only catch is that just 10 of these special robes have been made — so hopefuls will have to act fast.

They go on sale at this link on Friday, July 24 at 12 p.m. ET, and are sure to be gone pretty quickly. 

Earlier this year, the brand opened a special limited-time hotel suite at the Refinery Hotel in Manhattan called the Bread & Breakfast — which was ‘a carb-infused wonderland’ filled with bread-themed décor, amenities, and of course, lots and lots of food, including a pastry mini bar, a donut wall, and a bagel wall.

According to a press release, every detail had been carb-ified, from the moment guests check in and get a ‘sweet treat’ with their room key.

The room itself was pumped with bakery scents and made over with bread-themed décor, including a baked goods mural on the wall, a ‘Fresh Baked Bread’ neon sign hanging above the bed, and baked goods-printed window curtains.

The bed had a headboard shaped like a slice of bread, plus a bread-patterned comforter and throw pillows shaped like waffles, donuts, and pretzels.  

The bathroom, meanwhile, had toast-themed décor, mini soaps shaped like cinnamon buns, bread-themed toiletries, and baguette slippers and ‘Carbivore’ robes for guests to take home.

There was also plenty to eat for those who came with a ready apetite.

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