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Republican primary winner Laura Loomer defends conspiracies

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Wednesday that President Donald Trump hadn’t done a ‘deep dive’ into Florida GOP primary winner Laura Loomer.

The 27-year-old right-wing activist is known for pushing conspiracy theories about school shootings and making anti-Muslim statements – and won the GOP primary Tuesday for the Florida Congressional district that includes Trump’s Mar-a-Lago.  

Loomer celebrated Wednesday by talking to fellow right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, calling the hoaxes she’s pushed ‘factual stories that we have been ahead of the curve on for years,’ as J.T. Lewis, a gun rights activist who supports Trump and whose brother died in the Sandy Hook shooting, called for Loomer to be pushed from the party. 

‘Laura Loomer is a Parkland and Sandy Hook hoaxer. She has no place in the Republican Party!’ Lewis tweeted.      

Despite Loomer’s controversial views, Trump tweeted congratulations to her late Tuesday. 

‘Great going Laura. You have a great chance against a Pelosi puppet!’ Trump wrote. 

She also has the backing of Jones, Donald Trump Jr., Trump’s former political adviser Roger Stone and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, a diehard Trump supporter. 

Speaking to Jones on his InfoWars show, she complained, ‘I was told that if I wanted to win my race … that I could never do InfoWars again and that I could not speak to you because they say that you are toxic, just like they say about me, and I said screw you, Alex Jones is a freedom fighter, he’s a patriot, he’s fighting for the First Amendment and I am never going to sideline any of my friends.’ 

‘We were the people who led the culture revolution in 2016 when President Trump was nominated and elected,’ Loomer told Jones Wednesday. ‘That is what the Republican Party is missing now.’ 

Loomer will face Democratic Rep. Lois Frankel in the fall. The four-time congresswoman is expected to win easily in the deep blue district. She ran unopposed in 2018 and beat her Republican rival in 2016 by 27.6 points. 

McEnany said Trump’s support for Loomer was standard protocol.

‘Well, the president routinely congratulates people who have officially – get the Republican nomination for Congress, so he does that as a matter of course,’ she said at the White House briefing Wednesday. 

McEnany was asked about Loomer and about Marjorie Taylor Greene, a GOP candidate from George for the House of Representatives who prescribes to the QAnon conspiracy theory and has also made anti-Muslim statements. 

‘He hasn’t done a deep dive into the statements by these two particular women, I don’t know if he’s even seen that,’ McEnany said. ‘But he supports the Muslim community, he supports the community of faith more broadly in this country.’     

Courtesy of Ali Alexander

Loomer took the lead in the Republican primary with 42.7 percent of the vote, with nuclear engineer turned professor Christian Acosta coming in second with 25.5 percent.

Other candidates in the race included a former burlesque dancer who now runs an exotic animal business and a former IRS investigator.

Trump cast his vote by mail in Florida’s 21st District primary election, after changing his official residence from New York to Palm Beach back in October 2019. 

He and Melania’s ballots were returned to Palm Beach officials Monday in time for their votes to be counted, reported the Washington Post.  

The president’s decision to cast his own vote by mail comes after he has repeatedly claimed mail-in ballots lead to widespread fraud and even threatened to redo the election if he loses through what he has blasted a ‘rigged’ system. 

It is not clear if the president voted for Loomer but his social media post confirmed he approved of her victory.

He’ll be able to vote for her in the November election, which he plans to do absentee.  

Loomer has been a high-profile figure on the fringes of the alt-right since working for Project Veritas when she was a college student.

While working with Jones of InfoWars she went to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and accused students there of ‘reading a screen or notes.’

‘It’s obvious these kids are reading a screen or notes someone else wrote for them. Notice how media is only talking to the same group of students. They aren’t talking to the pro gun ROTC students who actually saved lives, unlike these students,’ she tweeted.

She also pushed a theory that there was a second gunman in the Las Vegas massacre in September 2017 and went to a press conference a month later to harry the Las Vegas county sheriff with her claims.

‘All of the evidence that is being leaked is further showing how the Deep State is covering it up,’ she said.  

The controversial 27-year-old has been slammed for making anti-Muslim comments on several occasions in recent years. 

She called the FBI the ‘Federal Bureau of Islam’ as she pushed deep-state conspiracy claims.

In November 2018 she was accused of hate speech when she called Representative Ilhan Omar ‘anti-Jewish’ – which led to her being removed from Twitter.  

‘Isn’t it ironic how the twitter moment used to celebrate ‘women, LGBTQ, and minorities’ is a picture of Ilhan Omar?’ Loomer tweeted about the Democratic Minnesota congresswoman. 

‘Ilhan is pro Sharia Ilhan is pro-FGM Under Sharia, homosexuals are oppressed & killed. Women are abused & forced to wear the hijab. Ilhan is anti Jewish.’ 

When she was banned from Twitter over the incident, Loomer handcuffed herself to Twitter’s New York offices. 

That same month, she was removed from a congressional hearing on social media when she hit out at CEO Jack Dorsey for ‘shadowbanning’ conservatives and accused him of trying to sway the midterm elections toward the Democrats.  

This came after she was banned from using Uber and Lyft in November 2017 for tweeting that ‘someone needs to create a non Islamic form of @uber or @lyft’ and complaining that she was late to a meeting because she could not find a ‘non-Muslim’ driver.

In June 2017, Loomer rushed the stage during a Shakespeare In The Park production of ‘Julius Caesar’ in New York to accuse the cast of normalizing ‘political violence against the right’ and calling them ‘Isis’. 

‘Stop the normalization of political violence against the right!’ she shouted.

‘Shame on the New York Public Theatre for doing this! You guys are ISIS! CNN is ISIS!’

She also ambushed actress Alyssa Milano at the 2018 Politicon conference in Los Angeles, suggesting she was in cahoots with Linda Sarsour, a Muslim co-founder of the Women’s March. 

‘I want to ask you right now to disavow Linda Sarsour because she is a supporter of Sharia law. And under Sharia law, women are oppressed, women are forced to wear a hijab,’ Loomer said, identifying herself as a ‘conservative investigative journalist.’  

‘My question is, will you please disavow her because she is advocating for Shariah law,’ Loomer yelled at Milano, who was seated onstage. 

As Loomer was ushered out of the room, she yelled that #MeToo was a ‘sham movement.’  

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