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Pro-fracking, Republican lobbyist and producer for Larry King and Grammys to be Archie’s godmothers

Meghan Markle has yet to reveal just who will be the godparents of the royal baby, but did make a strong case for her two oldest friends on Thursday when the trio paid a visit to the All-England Club.


The Duchess of Sussex arrived to Court 1 in the mid-afternoon to catch another American royal in action when her good friend Serena Williams took the court against Kaja Juvan. 

Serena ultimately prevailed in that match, but it was two other women who looked to to be the real winners in many people’s eyes –  Lindsay Roth and Genevieve Hillis.

They are Markle’s oldest friends, and on Thursday accompanied the Duchess on her first solo, public outing since giving birth.

That outing also occurred just two day before the christening of young Archie. 

And though the girls all met around he same time, Hillis and Roth live very different lives.

Hillis is a high-powered lobbyist who worked her way up in the political system after starting out as an intern for Congresswoman Debora Pryce (R- OH).

In 2007 she switched things up however and took a position with Direct Supply Inc after getting her master’s degree in public health from Indiana University.

That interview was no doubt a breeze for Hillis since she knows botht he president and CEO of the company – her father Bob Hillis. 

She is now the Director of Government Affairs for the company, which aims to provide an array of products and service to assist with senior living. 

Prior to that, she also spent time working with the Independent Petroleum Association of America, lobbying group for oil and gas distributors in America.

That group is very much in favor of practices like fracking, which both Prince Charles and Prince William. have expressed concerns about in recent years.

It should be noted that these affiliations were all in job title only, with Hillis having donated money to a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee back in 2008, when she was living in Chicago and Barack Obama was running for office, according to legal documents. 

And the congresswoman she worked for early in her career was a a pro-choice politician whop was fiscally conservative but socially liberal. 

Hillis’ address is listed as the $1.5 million home where her parents live the suburbs outside Milwaukee.

She certainly is not hurting for cash either these days as she managed to pony up the necessary funds to host Markle’s swank and top-secret baby shower at The Mark. 

Liberal in almost all ways possible is Lindsay Roth, the young mother and Hollywood producer who also met Markle in college. 

Roth has produced series for Larry King, Haylie Duff, the Grammy Awards and the US Open.

She had also worked in beauty at one point and will soon be adding author to her resume. 

Her book What Pretty Girls Are Made Of takes a look inside the beauty industry.

‘Surrounded by fantastic new hues of blushes, eye shadows, and glosses, Alison loves her new job and the new swag. Even better, she discovers she’s actually really good at it!’ reads the synopsis of the novel in Amazon. 

‘But in the midst of juggling her love life, crazy family members, and the grueling demands of a jealous, flaky boss who could put Miranda Priestly to shame, Alison starts to question her choices. How long before the pretty face cracks for good?’

Roth had also hoped to be an actor, but chose to go in another career direction after graduating from Northwestern.  

She would be the first Jewish woman to be godmother to a royal baby as would Markle’s friend Jessica Mulroney, on the very slim chance she is selected.

Williams, who hosted the baby shower with Hillis, is also thought to be out of the running, but would be the first Johovah were she selected by the couple. 

And it is safe to assume that Markle’s half-sister Samantha will not be seen descending upon  

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