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Prevent aging by applying SPF before sitting down at your home computer

With remote work becoming the new normal, more of us are sitting in front of our laptops and home computers for extended periods of time.

Studies show that remote workers take less breaks than those in the office and remain focused for hours when ‘on a roll.’  

Doctor Diane Madfes of Madfes Aesthetic Medical Center in New York City explains the damage digital screens have on the skin and how to avoid it. 

‘Extended exposure over time to blue light from devices (i.e. computer screens and phones) can increase the production of reactive oxygen species known as free radicals,’ reveals the dermatologist. 

Free radicals damage cells.  ‘Oxidative stress on the skin plays a major role in the aging process,’ explains Dr. Madfes.

In the morning, after washing your face with soap and water, ‘It’s important to apply a moisturizer SPF to protect your skin from premature damage.’  

According to Diane, we can prevent unwanted lines and wrinkles by applying antioxidants. 

Antioxidants protect the skin by reducing and counteracting free radical production. 

When your commute is from your bedroom to your living room, you need to schedule time for movement and activity. 

Step out to grab lunch, walk the dog or get some fresh air. 

Dr. Madfes points out that you’ll be ready to take this afternoon break and expose yourself to the sun’s damaging rays after your morning sunscreen application. 

If you’re going to be working late, she recommends reapplying SPF after 8 hours. 

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