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Playboy model had 8-hour daily workouts and ate egg whites

A model has revealed that she exercised for eight hours a day and ate only egg whites to prepare for her sizzling shoot for Playboy Portugal. 

Vanusa Freitas, 28, from Brazil, detailed her grueling fitness regime after dressing up as a bunny in fishnet stockings for her spread featured in the August issue of the magazine, which also saw her posing in nothing but gold body paint and a matching pair of ears.

The brunette beauty said she was inspired by reality star Kim Kardashian — who is known for her impossibly small waist and hourglass figure — when she was getting ready for the shoot.

‘The idea is to eat little carbohydrates, drink a lot of water, and have your calories controlled, as Kim Kardashian did,’ she said.  

Kim, 39, followed the low-carb Atkins diet and ate plenty of egg whites to lose weight after the birth of her son Saint in 2016, though she is now eating mostly ‘mostly plant-based’ meals.   

Vanusa admitted to following several celebrity diets in the past, which included drinking apple cider vinegar and water with lemon. 

Apple cider vinegar is another healthy lifestyle trend that has been tried and tested by the Kardashian family, with both Kim and Kourtney previously praising its benefits — as well as Scarlett Johansson and Katy Perry. 

Vanusa has always followed a rigorous workout and diet plan, and regularly flaunts her bikini body on Instagram, where she has amassed a legion of followers thanks to her risque posts. 

In addition to her swimsuit shots, the model also shares regular images of herself at the gym, posting selfies that show her posing in workout gear, although she gives little away about what exercises she relies on.

However, when it came to preparing for her Playboy shoot, the model went to extreme lengths in order to ensure she was in the best shape possible. 

Vanusa said she underwent an intense diet and exercise regimen to shrink her stomach and tone up for her latest shoot. She posed for several bunny-themed shots, including one that shows her donning nothing but gold body paint and a pair of matching ears. 

She worked out for eight hours at the gym every day and ate nothing but egg whites every three hours. 

Vanusa lost a total of 13 pounds following the incredibly restrictive plan, which she hailed a ‘victory.’   

‘People think it’s crazy, but it’s a sacrifice that I make for my body. The diet with eggs work,’ she said. 

According to Livestrong, consuming an egg white-heavy diet is an effective way to lose weight and gain muscle; however, experts warn that they should be consumed with ‘good fats and carbs’ as part of a healthy diet, and not eaten alone. 

‘Egg whites are a great way to get high-quality, zero-fat protein to support muscle building,’ the website states. 

‘Egg-white protein is a solid protein source, but all exercisers need to combine protein with adequate carbohydrate and fat calories. 

‘Optimal ratios of protein vary, but most nutritionists recommend a ratio of three or four carbohydrates to one protein. Fats should be only 20 to 25 percent of daily calorie intake.’

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