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People compliment bride’s dress – only to discover it’s her ‘attention-seeking’ STEPMOTHER

A stepmother has been branded an ‘attention seeker’ after being mistaken for the bride at her stepdaughter’s wedding after she decided to wear an intricately beaded dress – complete with train. 

Taking to Reddit, an anonymous person, believed to be from the US, shared a snap of the controversial gown and penned: ‘Thought this was the bride and groom at first – nope. Father and stepmother of the bride, wearing a white-ish, beaded gown with a train.’ 

And it turns out she wasn’t the only one, with many taking to the comments section to express their outrage at the stepmother’s bold choice of dress.

‘I agree! Very pretty dress, just not appropriate for a wedding if you’re not the bride IMO,’ wrote one, while a second penned: ‘I feel like there are so many easier ways to scream “Pay attention to MEEEEEE!!!!” that don’t instantly make you look like the a*****e. 

The woman in question went on to reveal that the stepmother’s outfit was in fact, dressier than the bride’s gown.

‘The bride wore an off-the-shoulder ball gown with minimal lace and no beading – it was super pretty,’ she explained. 

‘So yeah, the step mom’s dress was more ornate and detailed due to the lace, beading, and sparkles.’

And the revelation didn’t go down well with members of the forum – with many admitting they would be fuming if it was their big day.

‘I would be LIVID especially if it’s not even her mother (I’d still be upset though).’ penned one, while a second wrote: ‘If a bride saw this outfit and approved it beforehand then they are a saint.’

A third confessed: ‘I would be so mad if someone wore this to my wedding. I’m not even kidding.’

Meanwhile, others couldn’t refrain from admitting that they loved the dress – but added it was entirely appropriate considering the occasion.

‘Love the dress but sooo inappropriate. Some people,’ commented one, while another added: ‘I love the dress but it should have been in a different colour. I don’t are if the MOB/G wants to wear something fancy regardless of the bride’s dress just don;t wear white, off white, peach or nude.’

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