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Parents fury as teenagers catch Covid-19 at church camp for 300 youngsters in Texas

A group of Texan parents are furious after their teenagers caught Covid-19 at a church camp for 300 youngsters. 

The Keystone Church in Keller, Texas led a trip with 300 children to Latham Springs Camp in early July, where masks were not worn and social distancing guidelines were not followed. 

One mother whose 17-year-old daughter tested positive for the virus, told Fox News she was ‘angry’. 

Stephanie Brady, the mother of the girl, said her daughter has been quarantined for three weeks since the camp and became concerned after another of her daughter’s friends had to be rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties.  

Brady saw photographs of her daughter and friends without masks on and not social distancing. 

‘Every day I think, ‘I really wish I would have put my foot down, I really wish I would have not sent her,” Brady told NBC5. ‘But I really had faith that the church would do the right thing.’  

Tarrant County’s chief elected officer Judge Glen Whitley said: ‘I was very disappointed in the photos that showed little if any wearing of masks.

‘If we’re going to beat this thing, we’ve got to be doing the social distancing, we have to be as concerned about other people’s rights as we are about our own.’

According to KXAS-TV, the church emailed families to tell them a student was sent home with the virus a day after camp supervisors discovered it.    

Local resident to the church Krissy Askins, said the church leadership should tell the community how many of the youngster’s tested positive for the disease. 

‘We are all sharing facilities, we are all sharing grocery stores, restaurants, it’s fair to want to know if there is a large outbreak going basically in your backyard,’ Askins told WFAA. ‘I just want everyone to be honest and tell the truth.’ 

Amy Jackson, another camper’s mother, said she felt the church did ‘everything in their power’ after discovering the infections.    

Keystone Church responded to the allegations, saying: ‘ [The church] takes seriously the physical, spiritual and emotional health of our community and those that call Keystone Church their home.’

 They added that if the campers were exposed, the parents were immediately told.   

‘Keystone Church has always and will continue to pray for, invest in and serve our community,’ they added. 

Tarrant County reported 663 new cases Tuesday, raising its total of confirmed positives to 22,665.  

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