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Outrage as Chinese student brutally beats his friend’s pet dog

Footage of a university student in China savagely hitting a pet dog while staying at his friend’s home has sparked widespread outrage on social media.

The heart-wrenching video shows the Chinese man repeatedly kicking and beating the tiny Pomeranian with a metal rod as the terrified pooch screamed in pain.

The unnamed attacker is said to have lost his temper after becoming frustrated by the animal’s barking, according to the dog owner.

Hundreds of thousands of angered web users pledged to ‘expose this devil’ after the original post quickly became a trending topic on Chinese Twitter-like Weibo over the weekend.

The white Pomeranian, nicknamed Bobo, has been in stable condition after suffering a bone fracture, according to its owner, known by her surname Xie.

The incident was brought to light when Ms Xie from south-eastern Chinese city Fujian uploaded the footage on Friday.

The university student was a family friend who was staying at the woman’s home for the summer while working at a company nearby, Ms Xie wrote in a social media post.

‘He is the son of my mother-in-law’s friend. His parent is also my husband’s teacher,’ she added.

The pet owner claimed to have first noticed Bobo with bruises, appearing to have been beaten by someone, after she returned from a work trip in July.

When confronted by Ms Xie, the house guest claimed to have ‘kicked the dog once because it was biting my shoes’.

The woman wrote: ‘But ever since that incident, the dog would always bark at him when I was home. So I became suspicious and installed a surveillance camera.’

On Thursday, Ms Xie was horrified to discover her beloved pet ‘nearly dying’ when she returned home from work.

After checking the CCTV camera, the woman spotted her house guest hitting the tiny dog after the family had left the flat.

The man is seen in the footage obtained by Pear Video initially using the long stick to beat the pooch hiding in a cage on the balcony.

As Bobo scrambled to get away, the university student took off one of his slippers and use it to slap the dog as the pooch screamed in pain.

He can be heard saying: ‘Why don’t you try bark again?’  

The dog is said to have suffered multiple injuries including a bone fracture after the family rushed their pet to a veterinary.

Ms Xie wrote on her account: ‘How come someone is so cruel?’

The incident has drawn huge attention on Chinese social media over the weekend as outraged animal lovers vowed to ‘expose this devil’.

One commenter said: ‘What a trashy person! We need to expose this cold-blooded devil!’

Another one replied: ‘Bobo looks exactly like my dog. This is so heart-breaking. I’m struggling to fall asleep after reading this, outrageous!’

On Sunday, the pet owner said that Bobo was in stable condition and slowing recovering.

The man has later told Ms Xie that he hit the dog after getting annoyed by its barking.  

‘He said that he had a bad temper,’ the woman told reporters. 

She also decided to not press charges against the man. ‘He is returning to university in October. I didn’t want to ruin his future,’ Ms Xie added.

MailOnline has contacted Ms Xie for further comments.

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