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Outdoor harp-playing session ‘turns into a Disney movie’ as curious deer is drawn to the sound

A harpist’s outdoor practice turned into a scene from a Disney movie when her playing attracted a deer from nearby woodland. 

Heartwarming footage shows the wild animal emerge from the trees and prick its ears, before silently approaching the musician as she plays The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel.

But then when it is a few feet from her the animal becomes startled and leaps back into the undergrowth. 

Naomi SV, 26, took the clip in Quebec, Canada, and said she jumped when the deer approached because she was worried it might attack her.

The 60-second video shows the deer appear and look towards Naomi as she plays the harp, before carefully stepping forward.

It runs however, as she turns around.

Writing on Reddit, Naomi said: ‘I was definitely the deer in headlights in this situation.

‘I had seen it behind me before I started playing, but the sound of it running made me think it was about to attack me! I’m a nervous one.

And she told Mashable: ‘I know the area where I filmed quite well, and know that deer usually come out when the sun begins to set.’

She started learning the harp in December and has mostly self-taught herself through watching videos on YouTube.

Naomi admitted, however, that lockdown has really helped her practice and that she now does anywhere between five minutes and two hours’ practice a day.

She also has been playing the piano for 20 years.

She says she hopes to attract some rabbits and squirrels at her next woodland gig. 

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