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On The Rocks: Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola reunite for film

Bill Murray starred in Lost In Translation, which was written and directed by Sofia Coppola – eventually winning an Oscar and three Golden Globes.

And 17 years after that award winning collaboration, Bill and Sofia worked together on another comedy-drama called On The Rocks, also written and directed by Sofia.

In On The Rocks, Bill plays Felix, the father of Rashida Jones’ character Laura; in the film, the duo begin to tail her husband Dean all over New York City after she gets suspicious of his relationship with his new co-worker. 

The trailer begins with Bill’s character Felix arriving to daughter Laura (played by Rashida).

‘Hi Dad,’ she says, to which he responds with ‘Hi kiddo.’ 

As he makes his way with her through an apartment building, the playboy compliments a women as well as checking in with the bellboy about his mother’s hip – later telling Laura that ‘he thinks your my girlfriend.’

The audience gets a feel for Laura as a montage of who she is, is seen, with the working mother of two taking care of the kids as her husband Dean travels for his job. 

Laura is heard saying: ‘Dean’s traveling with clients all the time. I’m just the buzzkill waiting to schedule things. I’m just so stuck,’ while taking the kids to and from school.

‘So Dean’s going away a lot huh – on business trips?’ Felix asks Laura over their dinner.

‘Dad,’ Laura said, nodding her head no.

‘Raise your hand if that sounds fishy.’ Felix says out loud, to which Laura replies back ‘He’s not like you. He’s a good guy, a great dad.’

A clip of Dean Facetiming Laura and the kids is shown, as the family beam at one another.

‘Sure,’ he said sarcastically. ‘It’s nature. Males are forced to fight to dominate and to impregnate all females.’

A waitress was standing there as he said that, leading to an awkward moment.

Laura and Dean are seen in a montage of clips acting more like friends than a married couple – including doing a fist bump when they see each other and not a kiss.

‘Maybe he’s just not interested in me any more,’ Laura suggested during the dinner.

However, dad Felix disagreed, adding: ‘Impossible. A woman is at her most beautiful between the ages of 35 to 39.’

‘Great, so I have many months left,’ Laura added sarcastically.

Felix and Dean see each other, and Felix does little to hide his suspicions, asking him ‘Been busy?’ to which Dean says he has ‘a lot going on.’

‘Do you?’ Felix replied back during the awkward exchange.

‘He should be worshiping the ground you walk on and if he’s doing something dishonorable you need to know,’ Felix told her while footage of Laura and Dean being distant is seen.

However, skeptical Laura tells her dad that ‘What if he’s just busy? I’m in a rut, that’s it.’

Felix comes up with a brilliant plan of following Dean to ‘see him in action,’ which initially Laura is against but eventually agrees to do.

Their first night of tailing Dean shows Felix arriving to Laura’s place to pick her up – driving a bright red vintage convertible – not in the least bit low key.

‘This is your idea of incognito?’ Laura asks, before they speed off to find him.

In between them driving, clips of Dean as a great and attentive father is seen.

In another instance of them tailing him – this time in a cab – Felix says: ‘Here’s the Plaza. This is the place to have an affair. It has the most exits.’

The cab driver agrees, adding ‘Exits on three streets.’ 

Laura jumps in a pool wearing a bridal headband, the kids holding balloons and Laura and Felix smiling at one another are intertwined with scenes from their dinner that the plan to tail him developed.

‘Can you just act a little less excited about this because this is my life and it might be falling apart,’ Laura told her dad.

‘I don’t know why women get plastic surgery?’ Felix asks Laura.

‘Because of men like you,’ she quipped back, to which he says ‘I prefer the factory original.’

‘Yeah and every other make and model,’ Laura says to him as they get their ice cream sundae they ordered.

‘Thank you I’m going to take that as a compliment. Are there two?’ referring to the sundaes before adding ‘Woah, scared me.’ 

Sofia and Bill worked on two projects together –  2003’s Lost In Translation, which she wrote and directed and co-starred Scarlett Johansson; they also worked on the 2015 film A Very Murray Christmas, which she directed. 

It was co-written by Sofia and Bill, as well as Mitch Glazer. Rashida was also part of the cast. 

Sofia Coppola’s On The Rocks is set to be released in October 2020 on Apple TV+. 

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