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Oklahoma woman’s phone battery EXPLODES inside her hot car 

An Oklahoma city woman says she’s lucky to be alive after the interior of her car was set on fire by a faulty phone battery. 


Jabricia Pratt left her iPhone inside her 2019 model Jeep Cherokee late last month while she was at work in Oklahoma City, before the summer heat caused the battery to explode. 

Thankfully there were no occupants inside the vehicle at the time.  

Pratt told local news networks that she bought the replacement iPhone battery on Amazon through a third-party seller.  

Fire crews arrived on the scene within minutes, and doused the black Jeep with water.   

They believe the battery melted into the car’s leather seat before it blew up.  

The interior of the four wheel drive has now been completely destroyed, with Pratt telling News 4: ‘My car had literally burned up’.

Investigators say it’s lucky that Pratt had the windows of the vehicle wound up, as oxygen coming in would have made the explosion far worse. 

‘I could’ve been in the car,’ Pratt stated.

‘My kids could’ve been in the car!’

Pratt said she gave no second thought to buying the phone battery from Amazon – which is the US’s largest online retailer.  

The battery was sold from company LeeVee via the website.  

Amazon say they’re not responsible for any faults with the product because LeeVee is a third-party company. 



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