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Nursing home orderly arrested for beating a 69-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s stealing wedding ring

A male orderly working at a Michigan nursing home has been arrested for beating and stealing from a 69-year-old Alzheimer’s resident.

Stacey Tyrell Mercer Jr, 31, was charged with armed robbery, a felony and elder abuse, a misdemeanor. 

The attack at the Green Lake Estates nursing home in West Bloomfield allegedly happened just days after the woman, Christine Tracey, who has a Phd, had moved into the facility. 

Days after checking her into the home to be cared for, her husband of 50 years, Stan Tracey, found that she had a number of cuts and bruises to her face and a swelling on her forehead.

Staff at the nursing home told him that his wife’s injuries happened after she fell over, but police say video tape shows how she was allegedly assaulted at the hands of Mercer.

‘They don’t let them fall on the ass or on their head,’ Stan said to Fox 2. 

‘When you run an organization like this and abuse people that come out bruised, you are not doing any standard of care.’   

Police say they have video of the beating in their possession but are not releasing it at this time.   

‘I would have liked to have given the ring to my granddaughter or put it on a chain. I would just like to have to have it,’ Stan said. 

‘So this incident actually came to our attention on July, 15, the victim’s husband came in stated that he had just seen her at a local hospital and she had a contusion above her right eye, and there was a lot of scratches around her ring finger so he’s obviously concerned for her welfare,’ said Deputy Chief Curtis Lawson with West Bloomfield Police to ClickOnDetroit.

‘We looked into it right away and found out that the incident itself actually happened on July 11 at a local nursing home here within West Bloomfield, our detectives began the investigation. 

‘They determined pretty quickly who the suspect was, they obtained video from the facility itself and they actually watched as the individual on several occasions tried to remove the ring from our victims finger, and in doing so, roughed up our victim and allegedly caused injuries to our finger.’

The nursing released this statement to Local 4: ‘The man named in the article was employed as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Green Lake Estates from 2018 until July 21, 2020. 

‘Green Lake Estates performed all required background checks, which did not reveal any concerns.

‘On July 20, 2020, Administration at Green Lake Estates was contacted by the West Bloomfield police about a resident’s missing ring. 

‘This had not been previously reported to or known by Green Lake Estates. Villa at Green Lake Estates has a zero tolerance policy for theft. Villa at Green Lake Estates recognizes the sentimental value of the missing ring and will work to assist the family in obtaining the ring.’

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