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Nickelodeon actress, 16, suffers a ‘freak accident’ after her face mask is pierced through her ear

A Nickelodeon teen actor has shared a video of herself extremely distressed after discovering her face mask had been pierced into to her ear along with an earring by a technician. 

Sissy Sheridan, 16, who appears on Nickelodeon’s web series DIY With Me and has three million TikTok followers, shared the video of herself crying to the platform as she realized her mask had been pierced into her ear.

The actress had been to an Icing by Claire’s store near her home in Sterling, Virginia, to have a third ear piercing put into each lobe on Monday, accompanied by her mother and a close friend, she told BuzzFeed News.

After getting into the car to travel home and attempting to remove her mask, the 16-year-old realized that it was stuck, and claimed that it has been  accidentally pierced through the ear along with the new earring.

With no choice but to leave the mask hanging from her ear, Miss Sheridan wore the mask home where her mother Leisa helped her cut most of it free by folding her ears forward. 

In the video, a hysterically crying Miss Sheridan can be heard saying: ‘I just got my ears pierced and she pierced it on my mask.

‘I can’t get it off and it hurts so bad. I hate Claire’s. Look at it the white one, it’s stuck in my ear.

‘And they look so ugly I just want to take them out. Look at it. She pierced it on my mask.’

Interestingly enough, Sissy seemed just fine in a video taken inside the store in the moments the piercing was made. 

In that video — which she posted later, after the crying clip — she is seeing sitting in a high chair as the employee holds the piercing gun first to one ear and then the other to give her a third set of holes.

After the first piercing — which she noted is the one with the mask attached — she asks to pause for a moment, saying that it really hurt.

But she is neither crying nor calling out, and is soon ready for the employee to move onto the second ear.

Sissy, who went to the store with a friend, told BuzzFeed that she wore two masks for the occasion — a black cloth one and a blue surgical one — because she new the store employee would be close to her face.  

Still, she said, she didn’t even know that the strap of the mask has got stuck while she was being pierced.

‘I had no idea. I’m just sitting in the chair. I didn’t feel anything. There was no sign the mask had been punctured in the ear,’ she said. 

But when she got into the car to go home and tried to take the masks off, she noticed that one wouldn’t budge — and was stuck to the back of her ear.

It is unclear how, exactly, part of the mask strap would have ended up inside her ear, as Sissy claims, since the piercing would have been made from the front to the back of the ear, and the mask appears to be stuck to the back of her ear. 

At that point, she escalated from calm to full-on hysterics.  

Her mother took photos of the ‘negligent’ tangle on her daughter’s ear, which she said they have sent to the manager of Icing at the Claire’s store in the hope of a refund.

However, Leisa said Claire’s had told them that no refund could be issued for the $73 piercing unless they returned the earrings — which are still stuck in Miss Sheridan’s ears. The earrings are destroyed after being returned. 

The manager of the store Carmen Sandy, told Buzzfeed: ‘She needs to bring the earring back and come into the store. I’ll replace it for her [with] a full earring, but she didn’t want to hear it. If she’s unhappy, she needs to call corporate.’     

In an update video Miss Sheridan explained that although her mother had been able to remove most of the mask some of it remained inside of her ear, having been forced through when it was pierced.

She tells her viewers: ‘Basically the mask is gone out of my ear, but there’s still a piece of the plastic string stuck in my ear. When it got pierced it got pierced inside my ear. 

‘My ears are too sore and sensitive right now, because they just got a hole pierced through them, to take the earring out. And also if I take the earring out it could close up.

She added: ‘Sorry for being dramatic but I had no idea what to do and it really hurt so that was my reaction. I was crazy I was like aaaahhh.’   

Miss Sheridan said she does not want the employee to be blamed for the ‘freak accident’ but said she thinks piercings might need to stop while masks are mandatory in the state of Virginia, reports BuzzFeed.

Claire’s told MailOnline: ‘Over 40 years, Claire’s has pierced more than 100 million ears. Customer well-being is always our main priority.

‘We are investigating this incident and are taking appropriate corrective action. We have reached out to the customer offering support and a full refund, and have updated our ear piercing training guidelines to incorporate mask wearing.’ 

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