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New dad slammed for wanting breastfeeding wife to ‘cover up’

A new father is being branded a ‘massive a**hole’ for complaining that he does not want his wife to breastfeed in public without covering up — and going so far as to tell her he won’t feel comfortable being around her if she continues to do it.

The new dad appears to be having a tough time adjusting to the realities of parenthood, but Redditors were sure to put him in his place this week when he publicly griped about his wife’s refusal to cover up.

Commenters are haranguing him to be more supportive and stop sexualizing his wife as she feeds their baby, even as the new dad continues to double down on his stance, insisting he is ‘not unreasonable’ and he will start walking away form her if she continues to nurse in public.

The nursing-squeamish dad shared his complaints on Reddit on July 19, but has already deleted them — likely do to immense backlash.

‘AITA for telling my wife I don’t want her to breastfeed in public unless she covers herself?’ he asked.

‘I’m not against her breastfeeding in public. I’m against her breastfeeding in public with her breast exposed,’ he went on.

‘The first couple of times she did it I didn’t say anything except hint that it might make some people around us uncomfortable, but after she kept doing this I told her that it made me uncomfortable and I didn’t want her to do it anymore unless she covered her breast so it wasn’t exposed for everyone to see. I don’t think it’s appropriate when there are no people nearby.

‘She tried it a few times with a covering but said she felt like the baby didn’t latch and feed as well, which I find hard to believe, but I asked her to keep trying because it would probably take time to get used to a new routine for them both.’

He continued: ‘She told me she didn’t want to try anymore and wanted to go back to how things were, but I told her that I still felt the same way and didn’t know if I would feel comfortable being around her when she did this if she was going to keep doing it without a covering.’

The exchange turned into a fight, but the dad insists that he doesn’t think his ‘request is unreasonable’. 

‘I think it is only asking her to be respectful of people around her, and I don’t think it’s a big ask because we’re not even out in public that much.’

However, if he was looking for backup on Reddit, her certainly did not find it. Commenters poured in — on Twitter, too — from angry men and women who shamed him for his behavior and urged him to get a grip. 

One, who called him a ‘massive’ a**hole, said: ‘Let me get this straight — she says the baby isn’t latching and feeding as well, but you and your useless nipples decide that can’t be true. So then you ask her to keep trying something that makes her uncomfortable because of your comfort level. You are uncomfortable with breasts being used for their intended purpose.’

‘She doesn’t have to cover herself for the sake of you or anyone else’s comfort. It’s so sad that you as the father of her child aren’t supportive of her feeding her child. Stop sexualizing her breasts,’ wrote another.

‘I don’t think you’d eat as well with a blanket thrown over your head either, although it would probably be a more pleasant experience for the rest of us,’ remarked one more.

Despite the near-unanimous judgement against him, the inexperienced father continued to argue with commenters, telling one that he finds his wife’s public breastfeeding ‘unsightly.’

‘There’s no reason to show so much skin whether you be a man or woman,’ he wrote, adding that he is ‘old-fashioned.’ 

‘I just don’t believe in the idea that everything natural should be out in the open,’ he added. ‘A lot of things should be hidden and kept private.’ 

Another commenter responded that it’s not so much ‘old-fashioned’ thinking, since countless old paintings show women breastfeeding — and there are even several images of a nursing Virgin Mary.

The comments have continues to pour in against the dad, calling him ‘disrespectful,’ ‘rude,’ and ‘terrible,’ while accusing him of being immature and selfish.

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