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New CCTV footage emerges of a looting at a Sunglass Hut in night of violence in Chicago

Yet another video of Chicago’s night of violence on Monday has emerged showing two men looting a Sunglass Hut.

Two men broke into the Sunglass Hut on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago between 2am and 4am on Monday, August 10.

CCTV footage shows one of the men smashing the window of the shop with a hammer before the other comes in later in the morning.

The video was taken before the whole of downtown Chicago was put into lockdown following two nights of vandalism and looting beginning on Sunday. 

In the video, the first suspect wearing a face mask smashes through a window with a hammer before walking into the Sunglass Hut carrying a bag.

The man, wearing a black nike cap and white tank top, begins raiding the shelves and putting pairs of sunglasses into his blue bag.

He begins to walk out of the shop before spotting another pair on another shelf which he takes, before leaving.

The burglar returns briefly afterwards, revealing a possible tattoo, before leaving again and the second suspect enters some time later.

He is wearing a black Air Jordan T-shirt, black skinny jeans and Adidas trainers, and does not have a face mask on.

The man grabs three boxes from the shop’s storage before running out the way he came in. 

Chicago Police said: ‘Help the Chicago Police Department identify these individuals. They are suspected of committing a burglary / looting 900 N. Michigan Ave (Sunglass Hut). 

‘If you have any information, you are asked to contact the Area 3 Looting Task Force at 312-744-8263 or email [email protected] 

‘You can also submit an anonymous tip at If you see these individuals DO NOT APPROACH. CALL 9-1-1.’

Chicago police Superintendent David Brown told reporters outside the Water Tower on Thursday evening that the police would arrest anyone suspected of looting.

He said: ‘If you come downtown or to anyone of our retail corridors to loot, is doing to arrest you.

If someone is attempting to loot, CPD is going to arrest you. If you’re going in and out of stores in an attempt to loot, CPD is going to arrest you. 

‘If you are carrying or transporting merchandise from a store that has been looted, you will be stopped and arrested.’

More than 100 people were arrested after vandals damaged businesses in downtown Chicago on Monday which led to the entire neighborhood being placed on lockdown, even for those who live in the area.

Most of the trouble happened along the upscale Magnificent Mile section of the city, which is one of the most popular areas that tourists like to visit.

The chaos began on Sunday afternoon when police responded to Englewood where there had been complaints of a man with a gun. 

The suspect has not been named but was described by police on Monday as a 20-year-old man with a criminal history that includes charges of burglary, child endangerment and assault and battery.

When officers arrived at the scene, he began running and opened fire on them as they pursued him. The cops returned fire, wounding him, and arrested him. He was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. 

A different story spread among residents of the neighborhood who were told that the police officers had inadvertently shot a child. 

Crowds gathered in protest, creating a tense stand-off that lasted several hours and was described by Deputy Police Chief Yolanda Talley as ‘very hostile’. 

In response to that incident, people on social media organized for a caravan of cars to descend on the city’s downtown shopping district to loot. 

Police found out about the posts and within 15 minutes, were downtown but the violence had begun.

Cars plowed through storefronts to give the crowds easy access and despite there being 400 officers dispatched to the area, the cops struggled to keep up with the crowds. 

One officer was attacked with a bottle, another had his nose broken and a group of different officers were shot at by drive-by assailants while trying to arrest other looters. 

On Monday morning, police were still arresting people at a Best Buy which was among the stores that had been ransacked. 

Some of the city’s bridges were raised and tunnels were closed while police tried to regain control of the situation. 

Mayor Lightfoot abhorred the violence on Monday morning, calling ‘straight-up criminality’ that had nothing to do with peaceful protests. 

She is resisting calls for the National Guard to be brought in, and says the city’s own law enforcement can handle it.

She warned those involved that police were already scanning HD security camera footage to identify and arrest all those involved, saying sternly at a press conference: ‘Let’s be clear. We are coming for you. We are already at work finding you.’ 

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