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Nebraska State police find military vehicle belonging to South Dakota National Guard on the I-80

Officers in Nebraska have uncovered who the owners are of an armoured vehicle that was found abandoned on the side of the road.

Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) came across the abandoned vehicle, which looks somewhat like a tank, yesterday morning at around 11.15am, according to KLKNTV.

The vehicle, found abandoned off the I-80 near Overton, Nebraska, had markings on it identifying it as belonging to the South Dakota National Guard. 

The tank-like vehicle had been left on top of a trailer by the company contracted to transport it. 

In a statement, Highway Patrol said: ‘The trailer was abandoned sometime yesterday by the driver of a trucking company contracted to move the vehicle for the Guard.’ 

NSP were able to work out that the vehicle, which despite looking like a tank is actually used to help lay bridges, belongs to the South Dakota National Guard 211th Engineer Company.

It had been involved in a training exercise in California and was on its way back to South Dakota when it was left by the side of the road.

Despite being discovered yesterday, it is believed that the vehicle had been abandoned on Wednesday. 

The state patrol and South Dakota National Guard are now working together to return the bridge-laying vehicle and locate the driver who abandoned it.

So far officers have not been able to contact the truck driver responsible for transporting the vehicle. 

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