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NBCUniversal ousts Vice Chairman Ron Meyer, 75, after he reveals affair

Ron Meyer is stepping down as vice chairman of NBCUniversal after revealing that he was blackmailed over hush money payments he made to a former mistress who he didn’t name but has now been identified by sources as British actress Charlotte Kirk. 

Meyer’s departure from the entertainment empire after 25 years sent shockwaves through the media industry – both because of his veteran status and the scandalous details that came in the announcement.  

‘It is with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from NBCUniversal,’ Meyer, 75, said in a statement on Tuesday.  

‘I recently disclosed to my family and the company that I made a settlement, under threat, with a woman outside the company who had made false accusations against me. Admittedly, this is a woman I had a very brief and consensual affair with many years ago. 

‘I made this disclosure because other parties learned of the settlement and have continuously attempted to extort me into paying them money or else they intended to falsely implicate NBCUniversal, which had nothing to do with this matter, and to publish false allegations about me.’ 

Meyer did not specify when the affair took place or with whom – but sources told the Hollywood Reporter and Variety it was 28-year-old Kirk.

Kirk’s involvement in a ‘sex-for-roles’ scandal with Warner Bros chief Kevin Tsujihara led to the executive’s firing last year. 

Meyer has been married twice – first to Ellen Meyer, the mother of his two oldest daughters, in 1975. 

The pair divorced 11 years later and Meyer went on to marry model Kelly Chapman in 1993. 

Meyer and Chapman, who have a son and a daughter together, announced that they would be separating after 25 years together in May 2018. 

‘While we’ve grown apart, we remain best of friends and will always share the love we have for our beautiful family,’ the couple said in a joint statement at the time.  

NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell released a statement about Meyer’s departure on Tuesday, saying that the vice chairman ‘acted in a manner which we believe is not consistent with our company policies or values’. 

‘Based on Ron’s disclosure of these actions, we have mutually concluded that Ron should leave the company, effective immediately,’ Shell said. 

‘We thank Ron for his 25 years of service, and for his significant contributions to NBCUniversal.’ 

The Hollywood Reporter and Variety were first to identify Kirk as the woman with whom Meyer had an affair, citing unnamed sources.  

It is unclear how or when Kirk met Meyer, who is 47 years her senior.   

Sources told Variety that the affair occurred eight years ago around 2012 – prior to Kirk’s involvement with Tsujihara.  

Kirk’s attorney, Raymond Markovich, told Variety that he does not know Meyer and had not arranged a settlement between the executive and his client. 

Markovich did not respond when asked if Kirk had signed or engaged in a settlement, the outlet reported. has reached out to Markovich and Kirk’s agent for comment. 

Kirk – whose acting credits include Ocean’s 8, How To Be Single and Vice – made headlines last year after it was revealed that her affair with the married Warner Bros CEO had led to his ouster.  

The actress was just 21 when she had sex with Tsujihara, 28 years her senior, with the Hollywood executive promising to help her acting career after their rendezvous in a motel in 2013.

In March 2019 her texts to Tsujihara, his friend Australian billionaire James Packer -who was also her lover, and film director Brett Ratner were leaked – prompting Tsujihara to step down from his position as one of the movie world’s most powerful men. 

It was widely seen as a moment of vindication for the #MeToo movement that a CEO’s casting couch sex with an actress decades his junior had cost him his job and millions of dollars in pay and bonuses.

But Kirk told DailyMailTV in her first television interview in April 2019 that she does not see what happened as part of #MeToo. 

‘I don’t consider myself a victim then because it was my choice,’ Kirk said. 

‘I wasn’t forced into anything and I did what I wanted to do – good or bad. I would make completely different choices now and I regret doing that.’

Kirk went on to say that she wants to be judged on her own merits as an actress and that her roles were gained entirely without the help of any powerful Hollywood sponsors.

‘I have been thrust into the limelight and no one had heard of me before this. My intention was to make a big bang in the world but not for this, for my work,’ she said.

‘It’s terrible but I’m trying to reverse that by showing people my abilities.’

Kirk insisted that she did not leak the text messages herself and said she had urged the Hollywood Reporter not to run its story exposing her relationship with Tsujihara, who she said had not done anything inappropriate. 

Deadline reported on Tuesday that Meyer became the target of an extortion scheme after he sought to help Tsujihara and Kirk – whom he knew previously – come to a settlement amid the fallout from their scandal last year. 

Sources suggested that Meyer’s offer to help tipped a third party off about the existence of another settlement between Meyer and Kirk.  

Meyer joined Universal Studios as president and chief operating officer in 1995 and held that job until 2013, when he was promoted to vice chairman of NBCUniversal. 

He had a year left on his five-year contract when he stepped down. 

Meyer began his career as a talent agent in the 1960s and made a name for himself by co-founding the powerhouse Creative Acting Agency with Mike Ovitz, Bill Haber, Rowland Perkins and Michael Rosenfeld in 1975. 

He built a reputation in Hollywood circles as a cool-headed people person who helped shepherd the careers of major stars including Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, Barbra Streisand and Cher. 

He was set to become an independent producer in the mid-90s before Ovitz convinced him to go to Universal. 

It’s was not immediately clear if Meyer would be replaced as vice chairman of NBCUniversal, which is currently in the middle of substantial restructuring of the company’s television and streaming unit.  

NBC Entertainment chairman Paul Telegdy was removed from his post earlier this month after he was accused of making racist and homophobic comments. 

At the same time of Telegdy’s apparent firing, Lifestyle Networks president Frances Berwick was promoted to an expanded role overseeing business strategy for the entire entertainment side.  

NBCUniversal is currently on the hunt for a new executive to oversee all centralized entertainment programming across the company’s various platforms, according to the Hollywood Reporter.  

In his departure statement, Meyer said: ‘I’ve spent 25 years helping to grow and support an incredible company in a job I love. It is the people at this company that I will miss the most. 

‘I regret what has happened and I am sorry for all the people in my life I may have let down, especially and most importantly, my family.’

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