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Music producer on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is fired after singer’s assault claims

A music producer on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert has been fired after a singer says he ‘harassed and attempted to assault her in 2010’. 

Giovanni Cianci is accused of pinning musician Paige Stark against a wall during the incident at the CMJ Music Festival in New York after she ‘said no’ to his kiss.  

Stark posted her story to Instagram last month. A source told Variety Wednesday: ‘Gio is no longer employed by the show.’ He had worked with the host since 2017. 

Stark shared an email she wrote in 2017 to Cianci’s former boss Aram Goldberg at Lookout Management in which she detailed her allegations. Stark says she received no response.

In it she describes how Cianci tried to kiss her when they were alone in an elevator. 

Stark says she said no before Cianci allegedly pinned her against a wall. He is then said to have followed her to a bar where Stark say a friend made Cianci leave. 

She said he continued to ‘harass her on Facebook and text for several months’.

Lawyers from ViacomCBS are said to have contacted Stark following her claims. Cianci has not commented on the allegations. 

Sharing the email, she wrote: ‘Immediately after this event he would not leave me alone. He followed me and my band mate to a nearby bar and kept touching me and being in my personal space. 

‘I felt so unsafe I had to call another manager I knew- a man to come to physically remove Gio. 

‘Later I heard more stories about Gio. I told several friends and my boyfriend at the time but was too scared to come forward publicly.’ 

Stark added: ‘I blamed myself despite the fact that I did nothing to warrant Gio’s advances or aggression…I was young and scared. 

‘This event damaged me so greatly that for a period of time I was afraid to use my own image to promote my music, performed under aliases, and gave my band a name no one would likely ever attribute to me. I can not be silent anymore.

His abuse of power was so great when he was an assistant at Lookout management, it makes me shudder to think what he is now capable of in his position as music producer for the @colbertlateshow.’ 

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