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Mother of woman killed in Mexico wants her daughter’s killers to pay as FBI steps in to investigate

The mother of an American woman who was tortured and had all her teeth pulled out before she was beaten to death with a rock in Mexico say she wants her daughter’s killers to pay as the FBI steps in to help find those responsible for the gruesome murder.

The body of 23-year-old Lisbeth Flores was found on August 11, two days after she traveled from Texas to visit her boyfriend. She reportedly walked across the Veterans International Bridge to the border town of Matamoros. 

On the same day, she also spoke to her mother on the phone and said she would return home that night.  

A Mexican government official told that Flores’ body was located on a grass field next to a construction site.

Crime scene images leaked on social media showed Flores’ body lying face up and wearing her bra, pants and shoes.

Mexican investigators found a rock next to the woman, and authorities said she died from blunt-force trauma to the head. Law enforcement investigators reported that a part of Flores’ scalp had been removed and that her teeth were taken out by force. 

No suspects or motive has been identified by Mexican authorities, and the FBI confirmed to it was assisting them in investigating the murder.    

‘Losing a child is like having your heart ripped out,’ Flores’ mother María Rubio said during an interview with Telemundo.

‘I feel very sad for what they did to my daughter. How they left her is what pains me. The pain that my daughter went through there at that time is what pains me.

‘She was young, she had many things ahead of her and more because she had two children,’ Rubio said. ‘And I want those who did that to my daughter, each one who participated in her death, I want them to pay.’ 

Flores’ mother said she is trying to repatriate her daughter’s body with the help of a Texas funeral home.   

Juan Carlos Cué Vega, Mexico’s Consul in Brownsville, Texas told on Tuesday that the Mexican government had previously offered María Rubio assistance in returning Flores back before a local funeral parlor stepped in to help the grieving family. 

Vega also said that the funeral home was awaiting clearance from U.S. Customs and Border Protection to bring back the body. 

A concerned Rubio filed a missing person’s report with the Brownsville Police Department on August 10 when Flores failed to come back home. 



As of Tuesday, Matamoros officials had not announced any arrests or motives behind the tragic incident.  

It is unknown if a local criminal group or cartel was involved with Flores’ killing.

In recent years, Matamoros and other neighboring border cities in the state of Tamaulipas has been subjected to a spike in violent incidents involving the Cartel del Noreste [Northeast Cartel] and its murder squadron, the notorious Tropa del Infierno [Gang from Hell].  

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