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Mother-of-two asks Botched doctors to reduce the size of her breasts

A mother-of-two who previously went under the knife six times to try and reduce her breasts has appeared on the latest episode of Botched, asking doctors for a seventh boob job to ‘perk up’ her chest. 

Meredith asked LA-based Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow from the E! reality series for help, explaining that she wanted to ‘feel normal’ again after a previous surgeon used implants when she asked for a reduction of her FF-sized breasts.

She recalled that he had suggested reducing, lifting and then adding in an implant to create a perkier look.

A shocked Dr Dubrow said: ‘You’re kidding? That is retail medicine at its worst. When someone has breasts that large and you put in an implant there’s a high risk of a rupture or leak in the implants.’

After being operated on by the Botched doctors, who had removed Meredith’s excess breast tissue, the mother-of-two was delighted with her new smaller look – and even started working out again after years of feeling unmotivated.

During her six operations, Meredith had also seen another surgeon who took out her failed implants – but soon her breasts increased in size naturally.

After badly drooping, Meredith says on the show that she no longer ‘feels normal’ and is looking for a perkier appearance. 

Dr Dubrow agreed to help fix her problem, but once Meredith is on the operating table, the operation becomes much more complicated than he first thought.

The surgeon had planned to remove Meredith’s excess breast tissue but after taking about almost 4lbs from each side, he realized the pocket where her implants had been had hardly any scar tissue to use to stitch the breasts up for the lift. 

Instead, Dr Dubrow ended up sewing the breast tissue to Meredith’s ribs – and thankfully the operation was a success. 

Meredith was delighted with her new smaller chest and said she was finally able to work out again after years of feeling unmotivated.

She said: ‘I feel like a huge weight had been lifted! I feel so much better to be smaller and my breasts are finally perky. They look and feel great!’

Also on the program, doctors removed a man’s non-stop growing keloid – a type of raised scar – on his left ear.

Andre suffered from a rare condition at birth called microtia – a birth defect on a baby’s ear – and corrective surgery resulted in the formation of a large keloid.

‘In simple terms, a keloid is overgrowth of scar tissue,’ Dr Nassif explained. ‘And when you just cut it off, your body says: “Hey! There’s still a wound here,” and it keeps growing. So, it’s very hard to excise and not have it grow back again.’  

Dr Nassif agrees to perform surgery to remove the keloid and treat the area with an injection to discourage it from growing again. 

Andre is left delighted with the results almost five months after the surgery – and to celebrate is jetting off on vacation with friends.

A third surgery on the recent episode saw Dutch singer and reality star Kasia Dolkowska ask Botched doctors to help fix her sagging butt implants.

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