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Moment hungry squirrel steals two big slices of pizza from family’s takeout order

A cheeky squirrel has been caught snatching two big slices of pizza from a family’s takeout order that they got while in quarantine.

A security camera filmed the tiny burglar scrambling onto their porch in Montclair, New Jersey, before breaking into the unguarded pizza box.

When the hungry recipient came outside they were shocked to find the squirrel gorging itself on their dinner.

The box had only been sitting on the porch for a few minutes before it was raided. 

Explaining what happened, they said: ‘I am a mother who has been quarantined for months and just wanted to get a break from cooking.

‘So, I ordered pizza through Grubhub. They delivered my food and left it on my porch due to the pandemic. 

‘I left it there for a few minutes and then went out grab the pizza. 

 ‘I saw a squirrel sitting with two slices our our pizza! He ran off and I picked up the pizza and saw a huge hole in the box. 

 ‘I yelled out to my husband, “The squirrel stole our pizza!” My husband looked at me like I was crazy and then I showed him the video. 

‘We threw out the pizza. I contacted Grubhub and they gave me a full refund for the order without even asking.’ 

The clip was filmed on July 17. 

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