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Moment drive-by assassins open fire in Mexico City street killing one and injuring three more

A street surveillance camera has captured the moment a man opened fire from a moving vehicle and shot four people, killing one, in Mexico City. 

One of the alleged attackers has confessed to targeting the victims in an assassination plot, according to local media.

The shocking incident occurred Friday afternoon in the municipality of Iztapalapa, when a Ford Explorer slowly pulled up in front of a store.

The shooter is clearly seen aiming a rifle before opening fire, as pedestrians desperately run for cover.

Authorities on Saturday said Gustavo Dávila, 27, one of the targets, died at a local hospital as a result of the gunshot wounds.

The assailants attempted to escape to the State of Mexico but were captured following a pursuit, authorities said.

Two of the alleged attackers were pictured by local media in a police cruiser after the attack.

The three suspects were identified as Jean Escobedo, 32; Eduardo Ulises Escobedo, 44; and Héctor Erick García, 44.

Mexican news outlet La Silla Rota reported that the Escobedo brothers confessed to authorities that the trio had been hired to murder Dávila and two other individuals identified as Christopher and Hector, both of whom were hospitalized. 

García, however, has reportedly denied it was a paid assassination, and allegedly told the police the shooting was carried out due to a problem between both parties involved.

Cops seized a military rifle from the three men which they said was used in the attack.

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